When Patricia Clark gave birth at the age of twenty-four, she never would have guessed that we’d still be talking about her all these years later. It was in 1983 that Clark made headlines because she gave birth to a massive baby weighing sixteen-pounds. At the time, Clark and her child were thrust into the limelight because the baby was about twice the average size when it came to babies – and now the big baby is back in the headlines for his size.

Clark could never have been prepared to give birth to Kevin Robert Clark. He was just so big that mom needed to push as hard as possible through her final months of pregnancy to bring him into the world. Not only is Kevin Clark still the biggest baby ever born at the Community Memorial Hospital, but he is thought to be the biggest baby ever born in the state of New Jersey.

Kevin Clark was so large, regular bassinets and other baby items simply did not fit him. He had to go sizes up despite his young age. His size was so noteworthy that he became a celebrity on Saturday Night Live! and also got featured during a segment on Good Morning America. He was a big deal, although he was just a baby.

The New York Post reported that by the age of twelve, Kevin was still large for his size. He already stood at 5-foot 7-inches tall. And when he was officially in junior high school, Kevin was already 6-foot 5-inches tall. That’s a really big kid!

Kevin has had to accept his massive size ever since he was a young child. But he’s used to it now, although it has not always been easy.

“There isn’t a day that goes by when someone doesn’t ask me how tall I am,” Kevin Clark said to The New York Post. “I like to joke that I’m five-foot-twenty-one. When people ask if I play basketball, I ask them if they play miniature golf.’”

Now at age thirty-five, Kevin has had time to perfect his rebuttals to all the tall jokes and comments. He has an arsenal of them up his sleeve and is prepared to unleash them on the next person who tries to make some kind of funny comment regard his size. He’s used to it all and is tired of it.

Clark has moved on with life. He’s married and lives at home with her and their Great Dane. His wife is tall like him, standing at six-feet. Their dog is also a fitting pet for the large couple.

Although it has been three-and-a-half decades since Kevin Clark was named the largest baby born in New Jersey, he’s still getting attention for his large frame.

When it comes to talking about his famous beginning, he always has to deal with disbelief.

“Be prepared because at social gatherings, and at almost every family reunion, people are going to want to talk about it,” said Clark, who now lives near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “Nobody is going to believe that it’s true— that your mom could [survive] that.”

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