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This 27-Year-Old Has Fathered 18 Kids, And Is Asking For Your Help To Have More

It’s not always easy for a couple to conceive and have a baby. However, the rise of medical advancements in today’s world makes it possible for almost anyone to have a baby of their own. Hormonal injections are one way that has become quite common for conception, and women everywhere are using the injections to stimulate follicles which then trigger the growth of eggs in the ovaries.

If a woman doesn’t want to deal with the hormonal fluctuations involved in conception methods such as in-vitro fertilization, or if she simply doesn’t have a partner to have a child with, then she may opt to have a sperm donor. In most cases, this option is a win-win for the woman and the donor.

Kyle Gordy is one of the most well-known sperm donors, as he has fathered 18 kids so far, and there are more on the way. The 27-year-old Los Angeles man is beyond proud of his ‘super sperm’ and has been known to post photos of positive pregnancy tests on his Facebook wall.

Thanks to his social media updates, he has been deemed as the ‘most popular sperm donor’ and his services are in high demand these days.

“I’m a very very popular guy,” said Gordy, who gets asked for sperm at least 100 times a month. “I’m in high demand. I can’t help everybody but I usually donate to between two and five people every month.”

Happy to help others, Gordy works with both single women and couples who are struggling to conceive on their own, and the best part is that his services are free of charge. In most cases, his clients take a sample of his sperm and inject it at home, however; about a quarter of his clients prefer to do it the old-fashioned way and have intercourse with him.

“When we have sex, we try to make it fun,” he shared.

It all started when Gordy was in his early twenties and he found himself getting bored in relationships.

“Sperm donation gives me an outlet,” said Gordy, who believes sperm donation is a substitute for having a girlfriend. “I have no pressure to find a girlfriend but I still get to have children.”

Thanks to Gordy’s donations, his first clients are enjoying life with a four-year-old and a 14-month old, all thanks to his donations.

His donated sperm in various states across the United States, and is not opposed to taking his donations overseas.

“If anyone in the UK wants my services, I am happy to travel,” he said. “I’d go anywhere to help women out, apart from North Korea or a war zone.”

Ranging in ages 18 to 42, some of Gordy’s clients have used his services more than once. His only requirement is that the child must be supported financially.

So why use Gordy instead of a traditional sperm bank? There are lots of reasons, according to him.

Not only does Gordy come from a good family with two educated parents, and he can be easily tracked on his Facebook page, where all of his clients are members.

“I don’t do any drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t drink caffeine. I eat only sperm-friendly food: wheat, brown rice … fruit and vegetables,” he said. “Right now I’m attending university. Both siblings are engineers. The nuclear engineer is my twin. My grandpa was a scientist.”

His only hope is that he gets to have a giant Father’s Day in 20 years where he gets to meet all of his offspring.

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