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This $30 Dyson Vacuum Toy Really Works And Parents Are Clearing The Shelves

When you’re shopping for a vacuum, one of the top brands out there is Dyson. This high-end vacuum maker not only produces machines that look fashionable and chic, but they do a great job cleaning up the place. After thorough research, Dyson saw that there was a hole in the market. Instead of marketing a new product to housewives or stay-at-home dads, they realized that toddlers were an emerging market.

Imagine if you could get your preschooler to clean up after his- or herself? It would be a dream come true. Because young children know how to make a mess, it is great to teach them how to clean up after themselves at least to some degree. That’s why Dyson made a toy vacuum that actually works. This kid-sized vacuum is great for children over the age of three, and parents realize just how valuable a toy this can be. Not only does it help parents teach children how to do chores, but it also is fun for kids to use.

Speaking for myself, my daughter loves playing with our Hoover vacuum. She touches all the buttons and moves around the hose. And when she turns three, I’m going to be getting her a Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum because I want her to be able to play and have fun and learn how to do something that really makes a difference around the house.

The Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum is a great way for parents to have their little child help them clean up the house. It stands at just 25-inches tall and has a mini machine inside that produces suctions. But it is also fun to look at. With a cyclone spinner and foam balls, toddlers and preschoolers will love playing with this vacuum and cleaning up the rug and hardwood floors. Plus, it has real vacuum sounds!

Dyson designed the vacuum for children over the age of three. But reviewers and happy parents say that if a child enjoys helping out, this vacuum is a great introduction even if they’re younger than three. Because it really does the job, parents are loving this Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum.

Parents have some control over what their children do while using the vacuum. With a button that controls suction, parents can allow their children to really vacuum or just pretend to go around helping out. If they don’t yet understand how it works, it might be a good idea to use it without the genuine suction, so no jewelry or valuables get lost in the device.

The toy vacuum does not use electricity. It requires four C batteries to power its machine. If you’re a busy parent looking for ways to keep your kids occupied while you do chores, the Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Check out reviews online and go to your favorite retailers including Amazon and Walmart to get your child started learning the importance of having a clean home.

Whether for a boy or a girl, the Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum is a great way to instill the value of cleanliness at a young age.