This 4-Year-Old Boy Gave His Baby Brother Some Advice About Grandma, And Now It’s Gone Viral : AWM

This 4-Year-Old Boy Gave His Baby Brother Some Advice About Grandma, And Now It’s Gone Viral

Kids can say some pretty astute things sometimes, while other times it’s just kid nonsense… but once in a while a few gems bubble up to the surface. This YouTube video is titled “Advice from the Older Generation” and it’s winning over everyone who has watched it. Check out 4-year-old Ari, who has some interesting life advice for his pal, baby Finn.

Indeed, Ari has some nuggets of wisdom to pass on to the younger generation when mom Kristina leaves them alone for a few minutes.

Ari explains to his little wide-eyed friend: “I’ve been on this earth for four long years. From one man to another, here’s my advice.” You can tell with that simple statement that this video is going to be cute overload, but then Ari launches into some of his life lessons and there is definitely some gold in there, as he delivers his advice matter of factly.

He kicks things off with this truth bomb, so take note: “Mommy and Daddy are going to say ‘No’ a lot. They’re just trying to keep you alive. When Mommy and Daddy say ‘no,’ always ask grandma. Grandma always says, ‘Yes.’”

Well, you can’t argue with that.

Ari then says that “Mommy says ‘too much screen time is bad,’ but I don’t believe it!” It’s definitely something to question, right?

There’s also the harsh reality that “someday you’ll have to wipe your own butt,” Ari shares, as his baby friend looks on in awe. The preschooler doesn’t pull any punches, noting, “It’s nasty.”

Then Ari shifts to some very important business, sharing: “You gotta give your momma a hug every day” and explains how grown-ups can be “annoying” when they launch into baby talk, but notes, that “they usually stop.”

He also has some quality information to share about naps and bedtimes, explaining: “Grown-ups will try to get you to sleep more. Don’t do it. You might miss out on something exciting.”

Shifting gears, Ari notes that “Grown-ups will try to feed you crazy stuff” and offers this suggestion: “Say no to green. Except for green M&Ms, of course.” Words to live by.

Okay, now on to some important items, as Ari tells the baby: “Here’s a list of things you cannot eat… bubblegum, money, garbage, Play-Doh, your dog, water cups filled with soap, toothpaste, anything green!”

Ari’s closing remarks make so much sense, too, as he notes: “When in doubt, just sing ‘All you need is love” before he gives a brief note about where babies come from… pointing in a downward motion, as the baby starts to fuss. Ari’s response, “Yeah that was my reaction too.”

And finally, he gives Finn this bit of wisdom: “sometimes you gotta cry it out, but I’m always here for you. Even though we’re not related, we’re still brothers.” With that, he gives the baby a smooch on the head and tells him “good job.”

Among the many comments left on the video were those who were impressed with Ari’s onscreen charm, with one person writing: “He should be very proud of himself! For giving great advice & for doing awesome on camera!”

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