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This Baby Was Born 5 Weeks Early, But That’s Not Why Doctors Are Calling Her Birth Extremely Rare

Birthdays are special for a lot of reasons and to a lot of people. Not only do they mark the day that you were born, but to your parents, they mark a day that their lives changed forever when little you entered the world. Chances are, your parents remember every single moment of the day leading up to the minute that you were born. Your mom probably remembers the foods that she craved while pregnant and your dad probably remembers exactly how tight your mother was gripping his hand while she was getting ready to deliver you into the world.

So, while a birthday is very special to you and it gives you a chance to look back how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown, keep in mind that it’s also a time for your parents to reflect on the day that you entered their lives.

What’s great about a birthday is that it is your own very special day and you usually don’t have to share it with anyone else unless you are a twin.

It can be exciting when you happen across a person who shares the same birthday as you and you instantly feel like you have some sort of connection, but what are the chances of three people in the same family having the same birthday. Probably pretty slim, but every now and then, it happens and it feels like some type of strange miracle.

Believe it or not a New Jersey mom had her baby on her birthday, November 19th. But, as if that’s not coincidental enough, it turns out that the mom, Theresa Dunn was born on her mother’s birthday too.

When Theresa’s mother, Clara Gregory, was pregnant with Theresa she had a feeling that she would give birth on her birthday, and she kept telling the doctors, even though she had been due on Thanksgiving that year.

Over the years, Clara had joked that if Theresa had a baby it would be born on their shared birthdays. The first time around, when Theresa gave birth to her son Mason, she proved her mother wrong, as he was born in April.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Theresa was pregnant once again. Doctors had told her that she was due on Christmas day, so she didn’t even think of the possibility of having baby number two on her and her mother’s shared birthday. But, as coincidences tend to happen, Theresa developed preeclampsia early on in her pregnancy and it was high-risk.

“When my condition started getting worse, my mom was like, ‘I think he is going to be born on your birthday,’” Dunn said.

Theresa was admitted to the hospital at 34 weeks along on November 16th. She was planning on just being there for monitoring and sent home, but a few hours later the doctors decided it would be safest to induce her.

She assumed that she would be giving birth the following day on the 17th, but her body had other plans.

“I was in labor for three days,” Dunn said. “He was not coming out on the 16th, 17th or 18th. Saturday evening, I realized he might be born on my birthday.”

On November 19th, Theresa had an emergency c-section and gave birth to Micah, just as her mother had predicted.

Without a doubt in her mind, her mother just said: “I told you.”

“It hit me that my mom was right,” Dunn said. “I thought she was going to be surprised, but she just kept saying, ‘I told you.’”