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This Cat Was Trapped In Cage For Its Entire Life. Watch How It Thanked Its Rescuers

For most of her life, a cat named Lovebug lived in prison. She was trapped inside a cage and shown no love at all. Not only was she not allowed to be herself, which is expressive and affectionate, but she was also stuck in a container as small as a box with metal rods and hinges, and could hardly stretch herself out to full length let alone know what it means to be loved and to love.

Although Lovebug is as affectionate as her name describes, she was owned by a woman who did not treat her properly. As it turns out, the cat owner had a mental illness that made it impossible for her to care for Lovebug appropriately. For that reason, the woman decided to simply lock Lovebug into a dog crate and let her live out her days in prison. It was easier for the mentally-handicapped cat owner because she didn’t have to expel precious mental energy on dealing with the loveable cat.

While it might have been easier for the pet owner, it was a living hell for the feline.  Lovebug is the kind of cat who likes to be affectionate. She loves cuddling up with people and rubbing up against people’s legs. Being trapped in a cage deprived her of her ability to be herself and to express the best of her personality.

While dogs can find relaxation in a crate, cats find the confinement very stressful. For this reason, Lovebug was tortured every single day she had to spend locked inside the cage. That entrapment coupled with the lack of love and attention she received – and was allowed to bestow – Lovebug was suffering very, very badly.

“Cats confined in cages can experience symptoms, such as decreased appetite, withdrawal from social groupings, increases in urinary cortisol, decreases in grooming, and increases in the frequency and intensity of attempts to hide,” researchers Judith L. Stella and Candace C. Croney confirmed.

Thankfully, Lovebug did not have to spend the rest of her life behind bars. She was rescued by a group of people part of Furry Nation Salvation. These animal rescue heroes took Lovebug from her cage and showered her with the love and affection that she deserved.

Before long, Lovebug was placed with a foster parent named Patty. Because of her mistreatment, Lovebug needed a lot of care and attention. She had suffered severe skin problems and needed Pat, the foster parent, to do a lot of extra work to show Lovebug that there are people to trust out in the world.

“Before her rescue,” the YouTube video describes, “(Lovebug) was owned by a mentally ill woman who kept her confined to a dog crate for most, if not all of her life. Now in foster care, with Patty, (Lovebug) is safe.”

Being safe and loved means all the difference for this affectionate cat. See how she thanks her rescuers when she got the chance to do so. It is so heartwarming.

What do you think about Lovebug’s transformation from caged animal to loveable feline?

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