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This Celeb Demands Her Assistant Vacuum The Sidewalk In Front Of Her Before She Walks On It

Some celebrities earn a reputation for being a diva, but this just seems next level extra. Coco Austin, the wife of rapper-turned-actor Ice-T, was captured walking down a New York City street with an assistant seen vacuuming the sidewalk in front of her. Is Coco so precious that she can only walk on the cleanest of surfaces? Was she trying to keep her shoes clean and protected?

It’s initially unclear what exactly is going on and… it’s odd, to say the least.

Footage shows Coco, dressed in a floral print outfit and heels, carrying her baby, dressed in a coordinating hot pink outfit. As Coco strolls along the sidewalk, someone is seen pushing a vacuum back and forth as if to clean the area before she steps foot on it.
Bystanders watch the scene unfold as Coco stops to speak with a couple of men.

There’s not much explanation and once the video landed online, people started wondering if Coco’s celebrity status had gone to her head completely.

People debated whether or not Coco had made her assistant take on this peculiar task or if it was a publicity stunt. There was no doubt that it got plenty of attention.

It turns out there was a more straight forward reason for the strange sight — Coco was doing an ad for Eureka vacuums. She took to Instagram to share a video from the shoot, writing: “Did this fun @Eurekavacuumspromotion with Chanel in Soho — I guess I’m a clean freak and you know I love my shoes #ad #eureka  #cleanfreak #conquertheworld.”

Mystery solved.

Many of her fans jumped in to comment on the Instagram post, with one person noting: “There was so much bullshit on Facebook about you being a princess and asking for the guy to vacuum the footpath for you to walk on smooth ground. I knew it was BS.”

Another commenter added: “Oooh I see. Yeah I was seeing pictures of this and people were saying you actually do this lol. I was like naaaa she ain’t like that lol, I’ve been following her for a few years.”

Another fan simply said: “I love this! You’re a great mom and you guys are a beautiful family.”

Elsewhere on social media, before people knew that Coco was doing this for a promotion, they thought Coco was way over the top and spoiled, but one person pointed out: “It was a stunt for the vacuum brand. She was paid to do it. People believe anything these days.”

Someone else asked: “Where are the cameras, the cords for the cameras, the staff, the boom mics and why are so many people coming up to her for autographs and selfies if she were filming a commercial?”

Another person responded: “It’s made to look like a viral video. Then you take it into studio and do the rest, like music, voice overs, etc.”

Still another commenter wondered why, “if she were filming a commercial, the public wouldn’t be anywhere near her or that sidewalk.” They added that there would be “extras and they aren’t allowed to ask for selfies when they’re working.”

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