This Cop Pulled Her Over, But When He Saw What Was In The Backseat, He Rushed Home To His Wife : AWM

This Cop Pulled Her Over, But When He Saw What Was In The Backseat, He Rushed Home To His Wife

A cop who pulled a woman over for a routine traffic stop ended up providing a life changing experience for Ebony Rhodes. When the Atlanta police offer asked Ebony for her license and registration, he discovered that both were expired. She also didn’t have insurance. The officer had to impound her car and have her arrested for the violation. Ebony would never have expected her luck to change in such a dramatic way and she has Atlanta Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier to thank for the helpful turnaround with her life.

Chief Glazier received a call while Ebony was being transported to the police station, as an officer searching her vehicle found bags of personal belongings and clothes in the car. It was enough of a red flag for the officer to report the finding to Chief Glazier, as it was believed it was most of Ebony’s belongings crammed into the car.

She revealed that she was homeless and living in the 20-year-old Buick Regal with her four children for six months. Ebony is a single mom who worked at Walmart and another job to make ends meet, but didn’t have enough money for a place to live. She also suffered from a chronic blood disorder which caused her to miss some work days and, consequently, took a hit to her paycheck. She was devastated by her situation and feeling that she was failing her children, but did the best with what she had.

She told CNN: “A lot of times I didn’t sleep, because the kids were asleep,” adding, “I was watching to make sure nothing happened — no one tried to rob us… so we’d just stay right there in the car. I apologized to my kids and let them know I’m sorry.”

Chief Glazier stepped in in a huge way, going home to tell his wife he had to help this woman. He contacted the director of a family homeless shelter, explaining: “I called her up and said, ‘Listen I’ve got a family of five including three boys and a girl, and he’s 17. Do you have any room?’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, I have some room.’ And if you know anything about shelters in the middle of the winter, there’s nothing available and she had something available. I couldn’t believe it.”

Ebony explained getting the news from Glazier, saying, “When he called me that day I just started crying because I’d been trying to get into different shelters for a long time. No one would ever accept us.”

Glazier further explained why Ebony’s situation prompted him to give her some much-needed assistance, noting: “If you talk to Ebony and you watch her, she has a great work ethic. It’s just that she was sick. And so, when you’re sick you can’t work and you can’t make any money. It’s not like she didn’t want to work, when I first met her, she had two jobs… trying to do the right thing, she’s trying to earn money for her family.”

Thanks to the help getting back on her feet, Ebony and her family were able to move into an apartment eventually and she now works as an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant. She is beyond thankful for all of the help and explained how getting pulled over was a blessing in disguise: “Had I not got pulled over that day, I’d probably still be in my car, just taking a risk every day. Losing that car and getting pulled over that day changed my life.”