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This Couple Hid Their Pregnancy For Months. This Is The Moment They Show Up With Their Newborn

Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the most exciting things a young couple can experience. Usually, they’re clamoring to share the good news with all family members as soon as they feel ready. They yearn to have a baby shower and to host a gender reveal party, and all the other milestones that come along with a pregnancy, but not every couple desires the same things when it comes to having a baby.

Ben and his wife wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret. While most people share every single update from each ultrasound and baby kick on social media and via group texts with family, Ben and the love of his life managed to keep the entire thing secret from their loved ones.

When his wife finally gave birth, the family had no idea that she had ever even been pregnant. They were not keeping the secret from family because they wanted to be cruel. On the other hand, they were keeping the secret so that when they showed up at their door, they’d be able to arrive with the bundle of joy in tow – making the milestone even more magical.

The reaction that happened while at the doorstep with the newborn baby was absolutely worth it. Although it had been nearly impossible for Ben and his wife to keep their secret for ten months, when the day finally came for their newborn baby, Ivy, to meet the family, it was a milestone they’ll never forget.

Ben, who was undoubtedly a proud father, secretly filmed the family’s reaction to Ivy. He said while driving up to show her off: “This is Ivy, and our family and friends don’t know that she exists because we haven’t seen them in 10 months. So we’re going to go surprise them.”

When Ben and his wife got to the family’s front door, he knocked on it and waited for them to come and get the surprise of their life. While his wife held the baby in her arms, they waited for people to stream out and realize the surprise.

Watch the incredible video because you’ll see some of the most amazing facial expressions ever. The family could not believe that Ben was able to keep such a big secret from them for so long.

Viewers like you shared thousands of comments. Here were just some of the most popular ones:

“This is what the trending page is really for.”

“This was so beautiful, and your little girl will be able to watch this when she’s older and see how happy everyone was to find out about her.”

Some people did not understand why Ben and his wife hid the pregnancy from their family.

“Adorable reactions, but why on earth would you purposely hide a pregnancy from your parents and siblings? My sister bonded so much with our mom during her first pregnancy. It was a truly magical time for our entire family. I guess it’s completely different if you live in another state or in a different country.”

“I thought it was a bit weird and unfair.”

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