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This Daycare Worker Will Never Get Another Job Now That These Photos Went Public

They should have known better. The Learning Center of Worthington hired 31-year-old Emma Dietrich and 27-year-old Joshua Tennant to do one job. They were supposed to support the children at the Ohio daycare and provide for them. They were supposed to care for them and be good examples for those young children. Instead, Dietrich and Tennant were caught on camera with Tennant holding a child upside down by her ankle while other students, who had also been bullying her, watched.

The image surfaced and quickly thrust the type of car that Dietrich and Tennant provided the children into question. While the image was worrying, the administrators at the Learning Center of Worthington still had faith that the two workers were doing their job the right way. They could not have been more wrong about the pair.

On Tuesday, authorities finally caught up with the daycare workers. Dietrich and Tennant were arrested and charged with child endangerment. The daycare location also fired them from work, according to WCMH.

The Columbus Police have not yet released the full surveillance footage video. They are keeping it close to their chest to use as evidence. However, the police said that the video shows Dietrich and Tennant allowing the older children to gang up on the five-year-old victim and bully her.

On Wednesday, the Columbus Police turned to Twitter to reveal a few more details about the case.

“This case remains an ongoing investigation. While we are protecting the identity of the five-year-old victim, we want to share with you the severity of what little girl endured in a learning center. Actions by educators who are now facing criminal charges.”

The video supposedly shows the older students bringing the five-year-old girl into a classroom so they could abuse her. They’re seen “grabbing, pulling, dragging, swinging, and just ‘bullying'” the little girl while the teachers do nothing to stop the abuse.

Throughout the footage, the girl is terrified. She keeps her eyes closed shut, hoping beyond hope that that could help save her from the torturous conditions she is forced to endure at the Learning Center of Worthington. At one point, the terrorized child curls into a fetal position, trying to escape her bullies.

Meanwhile, Dietrich and Tennant do nothing. They “‘continually sit in their chairs at a table and watching the ‘bullying’ actions of the other students and do not attempt to stop’ the students.”

At one point, Tennant seems to get fed up with the scene, so he rises from his chair and seizes the victim by the ankle. He then “carries her upside down and places her back on the rug.”

Allegedly, both daycare teachers said that they allowed the bullies to attack the victim as a form of discipline.

The Learning Center of Worthington is a family-owned operation. It serves children from babies to school-age. But after this video, it is unlikely parents will continue to trust the Ohio business.

That’s why owner Lisa Rowe is struggling. She said she’s “heartbroken” that the incident happened at her facility.

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