This Dog Has An “Accident” While Sleeping, But It’s The Cat’s Reaction That’s Going Viral : AWM

This Dog Has An “Accident” While Sleeping, But It’s The Cat’s Reaction That’s Going Viral

Dogs and cats do not always get along. But when they do, it is an endearing sight. In the video below, the cat and the dog are buddy-buddy. Their friendship is so close that they manage to take naps together like siblings. Although they are different species, this dog and cat have forged a friendship against the odds and proven to be the best of buds.

But at least for the cat, their friendship does not excuse the disgusting behavior. While they are settling down for a nap, the dog falls asleep rather quickly. But the cat takes a bit longer to relax and get ready to nap.

The video captures the cute moment perfectly. The dog is asleep while the cat surveys the surroundings while lying close behind the pooch. Suddenly, the camera catches the shocking moment that leaves the cat speechless. Although the feline cannot speak, it would have liked to at that moment because it had a thing or two to tell the dog.

In the video, the dog rips a loud and smelly fart, which the cat does not appreciate. Because the kitty is downwind from the pooch, it is forced to get a face-full of smelly, hot air that came fresh from the dog’s rear-end.

Because the dog is asleep and doesn’t realize it accidentally let out a fart, it doesn’t know what is coming next.

But the cat is fully awake and forced to suffer through the stench. It gives the dog an angry look from the side and prepares to teach the pooch a lesson. Within a few moments of the fart, the cat reaches out and smacks the dog in the head twice with its paw. Because the dog was asleep the whole time and farted by accident, it never saw the corporal punishment coming. And neither did the owner. But the pet owner was there with the camera rolling as the remarkable scene unfolded right before it. It was as if the cat knew that it was the hero of the film and wanted to show the world that cats and get back at dogs too.

When the dog feels the smack on its head, he lifts up and sleepily looks around to see what happened. But the double smack was not enough to perturb the dog too much. Because the cat got out its aggression while the dog slept, the pooch never realized how angry the cat was. It just puts its head back on the bed and resumes its nap as if the smelly fart never happened.

If the video is any evidence, the dog is used to the cat as the boss. It appears that whenever the dog does something “wrong,” the cat makes sure to punish the dog and make it suffer for its insubordination. Cats have a way of running the show even if common sense says that the dog should be the one in charge.

What was your reaction to the video? Did you expect the cat to be so forceful following the fart?

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