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This Dog Has Been Waiting At The Corner For 4 Years. Today, His Owners Came Back

When a dog jumped out of his owner’s car, he found himself wandering around the gas station. However, the dog wandered too far and got lost. The owners were forced to continue along their journey and had to leave the loyal dog behind. While the owners might have gotten on with their lives, the dog continues to wait in the exact same spot for the last four years to see if he could catch up with his beloved owners again.

However, there is good news. Because of social media, the dog, whose name was originally BonBon, was reunited with his missing owners. But there’s a surprise ending. BonBon, who the locals at the gas station named Leo, didn’t seem to be as attached to his original owners as he thought he was. Because the owners arrived to pick BonBon (Leo) up at the spot where he was left behind four years ago, he gave the owners a hearty wag of his tail but refused to jump into the vehicle with them. This means that BonBon, who probably prefers his stray name Leo more now, has developed an affection for living life as a tramp. That’s why he refused to leave his road-side hangout spots even after his long-lost owners came rolling up, ready to take him back home after all that time.

BonBon’s story first went viral when images of the scraggly dog were posted online. As it turned out, Thai man, Anuchit Uncharoen, saw the dog in the Mueang District, which is in the south of Thailand back in September and knew that he had to do something about it. Anuchit hated that the dog seemed to be abandoned. Leo, as he was known, suffered from neglect. He had a skin condition and was malnourished despite the best efforts of a local Good Samaritan named Saowalak Pinnuchawet, who fed Leo what he could.

As Anuchit asked Saowalak about the dog, he learned that Leo had been waiting in the same spot for years. She told Anuchit that Leo had jumped from his owner’s car four years ago and remained waiting for them in the same spot all that time, hoping they’d come and take him home again. Even though Saowalak took Leo home one time, he escaped and returned to his station by the side of the road. He didn’t want to leave it for fear of missing his owner.

When Anuchit shared the story on social media, the owners of Leo (BonBon) saw it. They’re named Noi and remember that BonBon jumped from the car. They spent a week looking for him but could not find him anywhere. That was back in early 2015. It was a miracle that they found him again.

Although it was a happy reunion, BonBon did not want to return to his life with Noi. That made things easier for all involved. They had their reunion and were able to get on with their lives. But Noi vows to visit often.

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