This Dog Was Abandoned, Tied To A Tree. When The Mailman Sees His Face, He Knows He Has To Act Fast : AWM

This Dog Was Abandoned, Tied To A Tree. When The Mailman Sees His Face, He Knows He Has To Act Fast

Mailmen and dogs don’t have the best relationship. Everyone knows that the deliveryman is not going to be happy if they hear a barking dog behind the door they are about to open. But one viral story recently showed that perhaps their relationship is on the rise. Postal worker Dan Targonsk recently noticed a struggling dog chained up outside and decided to help the poor pup out.

Many people would just walk right by a dog chained up in front of a store or on a sidewalk. For some reason this dog stuck out to Dan, so he got down to take a closer look.

That’s when the mailman noticed that the Boxer was struggling to maintain its balance and was clearly malnourished. The dog’s mouth was dry and it looked like it hadn’t had food or drink in days. His heart broke instantly, and Dan knew what he had to do.

First, Dan grabbed some water from a nearby store and poured some out for the pup to drink. Next, he called up the people he knew would be able to handle this situation: Adopt a Boxer Rescue.

The rescue team came out right away and painted a far bleaker picture than Dan initially thought. The dog had suffered some serious injuries recently, including a wound to the head that was thought to be the result of a stabbing or gunshot.

She had also suffered blunt trauma as well after being hit in the face with something heavy and hard. Someone seriously abused this dog and they deserve to be punished for their horrific actions.

The rescuers named her Kuperus, and soon she had them all eating out of her hand. How someone could abuse a dog this loving and cute is just beyond explanation.

“It boggles my mind how she craves attention,” Dawn Karam, founder of Adopt a Boxer Rescue recently told Newser. “She really wants nothing more than to be touched, even after some terrible human beat her and left her to die. Simply amazing.”

Dogs are man’s best friend, and this poor pup wasn’t going to let one horrible human ruin her life. Kuperus has proved that she’s a tough girl who can deal with adversity and still come out with a smile.

Dan continued to visit Kuperus throughout her recovery and they are still friends to this day. He wasn’t able to adopt the pup, but she ended up in a perfect home nonetheless. That’s a beautiful story all it’s own!

Dr. Jennings was the surgeon that saved Kuperus with his skill and expertise. He also happened to fall in love with her (are you noticing a trend?) Once she was fully recovered and healthy, Dr. Jennings asked to adopt her himself!

Despite the adversity, Kuperus was able to get through by having a good attitude and keeping her head up. No animal should ever have to experience what she went through, and luckily the rest of her life is looking a lot more positive.

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