When my family got our dog, we spent hours training her to sit and roll over. It was hard working, making her perform those tricks. Maybe her breed just wasn’t built to take well to training, but when I saw this video of a dog performing an emotional dance with his handler, it put my training abilities to shame. The border collie in this dance routine is named Lizzy and proves that dogs can do a lot more than people usually expect of them.

In the video, Sandra Roth, an experienced dancer, proves that she and Lizzy can create a mood for people right on the dance floor. Roth has built a career out of entertaining people with dance and has been showcasing her amazing talent for years. But when she decided to team up with Lizzy, she was able to create a dance that has touched the hearts of thousands of people because she did something that no one expected to see.

Roth got involved in the sport of “dog dancing” because it was the perfect way for her to bond with Lizzy while also pursuing her passion for dance.

In an interview with The Dodo, Roth said that she’s a jazz and ballet dancer. But when she adopted Lizzy into her life, she felt that dog dancing was “the perfect sport” to get involved in because she could mix her love and passion for dance with her love and passion for her dog, Lizzy.

Although Roth did a wonderful job teaching Lizzy how to dance, it was not an easy process. It took many hours of grueling repetition to make it all appear too effortless.

The Dodo shared the following excerpt from Roth’s online profile.

“Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy. But we’ve had many problems, and she was not an easy dog. So our main focus for the first three years was on her social behavior and not on dog sports.”

Dog dancing is a sport most popular in the country of Germany. However, with videos like this spreading across the internet, it is likely that people around the world will start picking it up in future years.

“There are no compulsory movements or elements, so each team can present their individual strengths and skills,” reads Dogdance International’s preamble. “No other dog sport offers that much flexibility to … adapt each performance to the capabilities and needs of each team member (dog as well as human).”

Roth writes, “[Lizzy] gets more and more confident, and our relationship has improved a lot. She is also starting to enjoy the attention by the audience.”

The video performance featured below may bring you to tears. It’s so beautiful and organic that you’re going to love it. It was captured at OEC 2014 and was listed as “Dogdance Freestyle.”

One YouTube viewer wrote, “OMG, it is just amazing. The love between you guys, it really touched me. I’d love to watch a video from a training day :)) I’m also a dancer, I’m so touched, made me cry. Congrats, Sandra & Lizzy, keep rocking!!!”

What do you think about the dogdance performance?

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