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This Dog’s Owner Wants Him To Be An Internet Celebrity, But Others Are Calling It Animal Abuse

A chubby little dog has won over many fans on social media, but not everybody thinks his weight issue is so cute. Rupert the Jack Russell terrier is gaining quite a following on Twitter and though he’s quite a bit rounder than other dogs of his breed, his owner, Rachael Alonzo, who runs his social media accounts, says he’s just “big-boned.”

According to Rachael, Rupert is nearly twice the size of a normal Jack Russell terrier, weighing 21 pounds. She’s tried to help the pooch lose weight, but hasn’t had much luck.

She told Caters News: “He’s always been a chunky dog — we initially said he was big boned. He was sold to us as a dwarf Jack Russell but he could potentially be a cross breed. He’s on a special diet, consisting of no grains or wheat — his treats tend to be carrots and apple but he gets even those very rarely.”

Despite the dietary restrictions, Rupert has kept his curvy figure, as Rachael explained: “But he has been on these diets for three years and we haven’t noticed any weight loss at all.” She added: “A typical Jack Russell weighs as little as six kilos so Rupert is overweight in comparison. He’s just not a very active dog but he’s loved so much is my little boy.”

Rupert’s owner further noted: “His steroids for his allergies are a nightmare too and certainly don’t help his weight gain.”

Rachael first created a social media presence for her dog in 2016 after writing the book The Diary of A Fat Jack Russell.

She noted: “I found that the personality I created for Rupert online was funny. It seemed Rupert was generating a lot of joy for people using social media and it also generated positivity for animal charities.”

Of course, being internet famous always has some downfalls, with Rachael explaining, “We have experienced some trolls who criticize his weight but it’s all in the past now.”

Rachael uses the hashtag #noseboops and Rupert’s social media celebrity status to raise awareness of the charity Wetnose Animal Aid.

There’s no doubt that Rupert is special to her, as she explained: “Rupert is the love of my life — he’s such a special little boy and his presence brings joy to so many people. Social media can be a lifeline for some people and if I can bring some pleasure that’s fabulous.”

Among the many comments left on the Daily Mail’s coverage of Rupert were those concerned about the dog’s health. One person pointed out: “Steroids can cause some fluid retention and increased appetite but they don’t make you fat by themselves. Someone is overfeeding the dog.”

On social media, there was a range of comments about Rupert as well, with one person noting: “The only thing that gets weight off a dog and humans is exercise. Try taking him for a much longer walks several times a day.”

Another commenter added: “Sofa veterinarians are out in force I see… Read the article folks, do a quick Google search on the effects of steroids on a dog. It took me two minutes to understand why this dog has so much weight.”

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