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This Dog’s Owners Were Abandoning Him. This Heartbreaking Video Shows This Dog’s Unconditional Love

To be a good person means caring for the less fortunate in life. Whether it’s the sick, the poor, the stranger and the friend alike – no matter the situation, a good person will do the right thing and help out as much as he or she can. This doesn’t just extend to fellow humans either, but animals as well. Especially those we bring into our homes as pets.

A short clip went viral recently featuring a dog chasing after a couple that is presumably its owners. The two people on the motorcycle have no intention of helping this dog though, no matter the situation.

That point becomes clear very early on in the video as they ignore the dog’s pleas for attention. This dog is clearly struggling for its life and yet they just continue to drive on as nothing has happened.

A man named Cesar Bedoya happened to be driving right behind the motorcyclists as they attempted to abandon their dog. He was stunned by the sight and immediately pulled out his camera to catch it live and in person. As a journalist, he knew it was going to reverberate with a lot of people online.

He couldn’t have been more right. Bedoya’s clip has now been seen by millions, with many of them weighing in on various sides. Some say that the dog might not even be the couple featured in the video. Others claim that the dog clearly knows its owners.

It’s impossible to tell from the video clip alone what happened in this situation. Whether they owned this homeless dog or not, these two should have done something to help it survive until tomorrow.

Every single person will have moments in their life when they know that they can help someone out. Whether it’s a dog like this situation or a friend that needs some cash. Perhaps someone in your family needs help moving, but they don’t expect anyone to come.

Those situations are when people learn a lot about themselves and what they value in life. Cesar tried to do the right thing in this case, but he wasn’t able to catch up before the dog disappeared on the side of the road.

This dog could easily have died as it ran in and out of traffic looking for its owners. But they refused to stop and help, no matter how long or hard it tried to chase them. We can only hope that this puppy made it to a better situation, but we’ll never know for sure.

Adopting a pet means taking on a lot of responsibility. If you know someone who is abusing or ignorant towards their pet’s needs, don’t hesitate to report it. No animal deserves to suffer simply because someone took on a responsibility they couldn’t handle.

In a perfect world, nobody would treat their animals the way this anonymous dog has been treated. But there will always be owners like this that don’t understand the gravity of their actions, and that’s a really unfortunate thing.

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