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Her Dog’s Tongue Started Acting Funny After Surgery, And I Can’t Stop Watching The Video

After Elmer, an eight-year-old Bernese mountain dog, was rescued, he finally got the work done on his teeth that he had needed for years. His new owner, 28-year-old Stephanie Tran from Peoria, Arizona did not hesitate to fund the surgery on Elmer’s teeth and help the dog out. Although she has had him in her life for just a year now, she was so happy to welcome him into her life that she has not stopped sharing photos of the adorable dog.

When Elmer was first rescued, he had been wandering the streets alone and sad. And he badly needed the surgery on his teeth. Thankfully he got them removed so he could lead his best life and enjoy good health. Otherwise, he might not have survived for much longer.

Elmer suffers from a few other problems besides his bad teeth. He is also deaf. That means that Stephanie, his beloved owner, has developed other ways to “talk” to her best friend. She said:

“He is deaf and has no teeth, he was found as a stray wandering around the city. I needed to have a goofy-looking dog, I felt bad for him and knew I needed to help this dog out. When people see him, they often laugh at first, because of his tongue but then they think he is the friendliest goofball ever. The first thing anyone says is that ‘he must be thirsty’ because his tongue is hanging out. I normally laugh and use it to explain the reason his tongue is like that because he has very few teeth.”

Because Elmer is missing his teeth, his tongue hangs out of his mouth. It looks a bit silly, but Stephanie loves him for it. And now that the internet has seen what he looks like, they love him too!

“Despite only having two molars on the top and two on the bottom, he is really good at gobbling a whole mouthful of food and swallowing it. Elmer is also completely deaf, the only time I believe he hears is when another dog is barking really loudly, but if I’m standing next to him or come home from work, he has no idea. Special needs dogs require a lot of patience, it’s all about showing them unconditional love and the patience they need. He brings so much joy into my life, I love hanging him and wouldn’t change a thing about him, he is such a sweetheart.”

Although she loves having Elmer in her life, it is challenging working with a deaf dog. She has to get Elmer’s attention if she hopes to get messages through to him.

“It was a real challenge at first because I have never had a special needs dog, so letting him adjust was really hard at first because he couldn’t understand. Adapting him to routines was more difficult and recognizing when he wanted to go out, when and how much he should eat, as well as knowing when and where to sleep. Almost all of the communication between him and I is through body language, signing, and signals that he has learned. If I needed him to understand something I would need to try to show him. It was a long process.”

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