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This Driver Was About To Run Over A Tiny Dog. Then The Impossible Happens

Have you ever had to react quickly while behind the wheel of a car? Probably. Almost everyone has at some point. Perhaps, another car made an unexpected left-hand turn. Or a squirrel darted out in front of your vehicle, and you had to swerve. Well, this story is about such an incident. However, the hero of this tale is not the person who was behind the wheel of the car but another hero dog border collie who dashed out into traffic to rescue her best friend Chihuahua from being run over by a speeding car.

If you read this story, you might think it was fiction. But as you’ll see when you play the video included at the bottom of this page, there is nothing imaginary about this at all. To the contrary, the video footage proves that this border collie is a super dog capable of amazing things. They should probably even make a television show about the critter.

The footage comes from a CCTV camera that happened to get it all in the frame. The border collie, along with two of her best friends, is playing catch with their owner.

During the fun, the Chihuahua started to run through the snow to join her border collie best friends. But the snow is a few inches deep, which makes it extremely difficult for the Chihuahua to run through it and get to the best friend. This leaves it in a rather vulnerable position because an oblivious driver is backing their car out of the driveway and do not see the Chihuahua stuck right behind it.

That’s when the border collie does something miraculous. It dashes through the snow and grabs the best friend Chihuahua by the skin of its neck and pulls it out of harm’s way and into the safety of the sidewalk.

The incident only took a few seconds but proves just how much the border collie loves the Chihuahua.

After the rescue, the SUV stops backing up for a moment before it then hits the gas and finishes backing out of the driveway.

“I saw something in my mirror,” the driver said. “First I thought I had crushed my dog.”

Because the owner did not mean to do anything of the sort, she jumps out of her SUV and rushes over to her beloved best friends. Then she hugs her dogs and apologizes to them for nearly killing them.

The incident occurred in Gaspe City in Quebec, Canada. But when the video was shared online, it quickly became an international sensation. People from all over the world joined in to celebrate the beautiful moment and share it with their friends.

We all know that dogs can do wonderful things when duty calls. But this footage proves that this border collie really stepped up when her friend was in danger. Instead of letting the other dog get crushed by the SUV, the border collie saved the day and brought the tiny pooch to safety.

What is your reaction to this remarkable footage?

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