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This Farmer’s Cows Formed A Message In The Field That Is Making Headlines Around The World

One North Dakota farmer organized a group of cattle to create a divine sign that was as clear as day. Gene Hanson will often create “cornfield art” and use a drone to capture his message from high above. This time, however, his message was something extra special for the holidays — and he got a little help from some nearby cows who happily helped him spread the word.

You might have heard of crop circles, patterns in the fields that make people wonder if they’re man made or perhaps from an alien life form. This is sort of like that but with a slight twist — as Gene used the neighbor’s cattle to do the work.

To celebrate the Christmas holiday and the birth of Jesus, he asked a nearby rancher if he could use the cattle to pull together a simple message. He explained to Fox News: “It’s the Christmas season, and I thought that would be really nice if he put the feed down in a sign of the cross and he did.” He added, “It’s just a Christian area.”

That’s the secret behind pulling off this amazing feat… getting the animals to graze in a certain pattern. Genius!

This isn’t the first time that Gene has had a positive message to share. Last year he plowed “Merry Christmas” into his fields. This time, however, he took a more lively approach and had the cows graze to form the impressive cross.

He also has a large cross in his own cow pasture, measuring 25 feet tall by 15 feet wide, which is visible from the nearby highway.

To make it even clearer, he put solar lights on the cross so that anyone could view it at night.

Gene also nabbed headlines and a shoutout from President Trump when he plowed this message in a field: “We stand for the national anthem.”

Trump tweeted at the time: “Thank you Gene Hanson — a GREAT American (and farmer) who is standing up for our flag, our anthem, and our country!”

Gene believes his next message will likely be political, as he has shared such messages in the past, including : “Drain the Swamp,” “Vote Trump,” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

Among the many comments left on social media were those who had plenty of negative to say. One person, however, commented: “Y’all like to see the negative in everything! Why not look at the positive… what a sweet farmer taking the time to do this then video it… merry Christmas and god bless and for everyone negative…. and making fun of this… I’ll pray for you.”

Another commenter added: “Yes, an absolutely beautiful creation, miracle, well… no but what difference does that make? Tis the CHRISTmas season. The farmer’s got it right, to the nay sayers, you should see what the horses are up to. Haters need a hobby, guess this is it, grinches. I love it. It surely wasnt an easy task. Hats off to those who spent the time to present us with such a blessing.”

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