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This Fox News Anchor Just Posted A Controversial Picture That Is Now Going Viral

Nowadays TV personalities have to watch everything they post on the internet. If someone finds it offensive, all hell will break loose. And that’s exactly what happened to Fox News host Stacy Dash when she posted a “provocative” picture on her Facebook page. But this image does not show the African American conservative in her bikini or doing anything illegal.

And for that reason, it is not really that “provocative.” But when liberals saw it, they blew a gasket because she wore a huge smile as she purchased a gun.

The image that has gotten liberal pro-gun control activists all stirred up shows Dash in the gun store purchasing a firearm because it is her second amendment right to do so. She is not breaking any laws. She is doing everything by the book. And she wants to show her liberal opposition that she has just as much a right as anyone to own a firearm and to keep herself safe.

As an officially licensed gun owner, Fox News’ host is excited to be packing heat. That’s the reason she posted the image at the gun shop. But she probably also knew the picture would cause a massive backlash among the liberals who follow her career.

In the photo, Dash smiles at the camera as she announces in the caption, “I’m officially a licensed gun owner.”

The pro-gun control people who saw her post were compelled to share their harsh and cruel criticisms. Like the following:

“And officially stupid.”

“You know you don’t knee your stupid a** in a gun shop. You would come out better to just give it up!”

“Now shoot yourself!”

“You are officially a ‘sell out’!

“And can still officially get it.”

“OK… Now I’m officially for Gun Control! Someone really sold her a gun. Please tell me it’s a water pistol.”

While her critics contributed comment after comment attacking her for employing her second amendment right, her conservative supporters and pro-gun base were happy to come to her defense against the onslaught of criticism.

“Name one liberal that is as hot as Stacy! Lol, they don’t exist.”

“Awesome hun! Welcome to the club. Screw every single liberal POS baby!”

“Hell yeah. F All of those liberals commenting.”

Owning a gun is a right for every American as outlined in the Constitution. And while a debate always arises following a tragic school shooting like what happened in Parkland, Florida, the best way to keep guns out of the hands of spree killers and murders is not yet known. While liberals believe that gun control could work, conservatives believe that people should be screened for mental illness. Either way, the issue is split down party lines and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem interested in compromising on their values. But at the end of the day, politicians from both sides of the aisle want the same thing for America – for our children and teachers to be safe while they help build the next generation of leaders.

Do you think Stacy Dash’s image is really that controversial?