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This Hunter Is In Big Trouble After These Photos Went Public, But He Says He Has An Excuse

A few years ago, a Dentist killed a lion for sport. Although he thought it was mainly to shoot one of the planet’s most majestic creatures in the back from a distance, the world responded with outrage. Well, history has repeated itself. This time the perpetrator is a businessman from Georgia, and the victims are two baby elephants that he slaughtered.

Mike Jines shared a vulgar photo of himself standing over two adorable baby elephants with his gun. There is a look of drunken glee on Jines’ face because he killed the babies back in October 2018. Jines held onto the photos until January 2019 when he shared his “prize” on social media. But when he did, he quickly realizes there was nothing admirable in brutally slaughtering two baby elephants in cold blood.

Social media users quickly rallied to confront Jines’s “sickening” and “horrible” killing spree.

In response to the social media outrage, Jines shared his excuse. He claims that the baby elephants charged him and he shot them both in self-defense.

Because his story is undoubtedly fake, millions of people are now working to actively boycott Jines’s company TopGen Energy, which he is a partner.

Jines accompanied professional hunter Max “Buzz” Delezenne on an African “trophy” hunt through Zimbabwe, although Jines denies that this is the case.

When the images of Jines’s killing spree went viral, Darrel Eisman shared them on Facebook.

“Apologies for the disturbing photo,” Eisman wrote. “If you’re really upset by what you see, then make this go viral along with an email letting Mike Jines know what you think.”

In the post, Eisman included the email address belonging to Jines.

One person wrote, “It utterly breaks my heart to see such cruelty going on. Those scumbags who killed the poor innocent creature should be punished. Hunters should be banned as a lot of animals in Africa are now on the verge of extinction. How tragic.”

People quickly pointed out that Jines must feel empty inside and “have no soul” if he spends his time hunting innocent animals, not for sustenance but to make himself feel more like a man.

“You have no heart, no soul. This is sickening and pathetic. It’s just so sad to see this,” someone wrote on Twitter.

Another outraged viewer tweeted, “There’s evil, and then there’s you Mike Jines. One can only hope the universe and all that is just punishes you for killing those elephants.”

Soon a call to boycott Top Gen Energy started going viral.

Since Jines has come under fire, he has scurried to come up with a story to defend his reputation. He claims he is “making sure people understand the actual facts as opposed to the mischaracterization of the information on social media.”

Although Jines and his professional hunter for hire walked into elephant territory armed with elephant-killing guns, he claims that he acted in self-defense against the babies he killed.

He told CBS 46 that the babies “were shot in self-defense, in an unprovoked charge and both elephants were fully mature cows, not juveniles.”

Who do you believe?

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