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This Is The One Thing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Refused To Do Before Their Wedding Day

Getting married is a huge step in a relationship, but unfortunately fewer couples are taking the leap these days than ever before. With such high rates of divorce, perhaps younger couples these days are realizing that perhaps it’s better to give it some more time. But plenty of young people are finding their way to the alter, including British royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

From choosing the table linens to picking the music, planning a wedding is a stressful endeavor for even the most casual of couples. It takes a lot of effort to have the perfect wedding, and these two are going out of there way to make it as beautiful as possible.

They are planning on having over 800 people at their wedding apparently, making the planning even more complicated – most weddings have far, far less guests than that. But as the British royal family, you can assume that there are plenty of extended aunts and uncles to invite!

Harry and Meghan have stunned the world by deciding to forgo one pre-wedding ritual that is typically seen in high-profile weddings, the prenuptial agreement. It is a written contract listing everything that they own, their debts, and describes how those properties would be handled in the event of a divorce.

Apparently they are confident enough in their love to leave these possessions to be divided if they happen to get divorced. While it is never a good idea to “plan” for a divorce, prenups are very common these days with divorce rates exceeding half of all marriages by a fair margin.

Perhaps it is the fact that they are both rather independently wealthy, making concerns about the exact figure in the case of divorce not too important. Prince Harry’s net worth hovers around $25 million, while Meghan earned over $50,000 per episode of Suits, the popular legal television drama that has aired on USA since 2011.

It isn’t in the tradition of royal families to sign prenuptial agreements, no matter how long and complex the divorce could become. According to Travel and Liesure, the answer simply lies in Prince Harry’s confidence in his new marriage.

A source described Harry’s thoughts, saying the prince is, “Determined that his marriage will be a  lasting one.”

Many people could use some inspiration in that department, because struggling in a relationship should not instantly turn into a divorce. While some couples certainly don’t belong together and perhaps got married too quickly, others that could work it out simply give up.

If you don’t feel 100% confident in your relationship and the massive decision that getting married is, it’s probably not the best idea. Marriage isn’t a way to take a shortcut to a more meaningful relationship, no matter how exciting and happy the big day may be. it is an important commitment between two people to love each other for all eternity.

Do you think Prince Harry and Meghan are making the right choice in forgoing a prenup, or could this come back to haunt them in the end? Share your thoughts in the comments!