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This Is The Terrifying Footage Of A Woman Being Chased Down By A Pack Of Dogs In Her Neighborhood

Footage has just arrived from across the Mexican border that depicts the horrors this toll booth worker faces while on the job. The woman in the video is being chased by a pack of aggressive dogs. She runs for her life as the eleven dogs chase at her heels. Unfortunately, she is unable to escape the attack and 34-year-old Margarita N. loses her life as the dogs rip off her scalp and maul her into submission.

Margarita was attacked while leaving the safety of the toll booth at her job in Tecamac, Mexico. In the CCTV footage, you can watch her trying to escape the pack of eleven dogs before stumbling over something and falling just out of view of the camera.

The attack was not caught on camera, but the result was undeniable. Margarita lost her life because of the dog attack. She was ambushed and taken off guard. And when she fell to the ground in a vulnerable position, the dogs continued to bite and attack her until she was dead.

Margarita was on her way to work at the toll booth when the attack occurred. She had to cross a treacherous waste ground to get to the toll booth. While walking through that part of the city, the pack of dogs spotted her and attacked.

Experts cannot say for certain why the dogs attacked her so ruthlessly. Some believe that she may have accidentally strayed into their territory and viewed her as a threat. But the police are not so certain. They fear that some cruel person may have set the dogs upon her. Whether or not that person was the landowner or a neighbor or if anyone, in particular, is under suspicion has yet to be reported.

Since the violent attack on the innocent woman and civil servant, the mayor of Tecamac has asked the Control and Animal Welfare Center to get to work to track down the eleven dogs that brutally attacked Margarita. The mayor wants the dogs caught so they can be euthanized and stopped from killing other innocent people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The footage, included at the bottom of this story, is very disturbing. Do not watch it if you think you’ll find it to be too sensitive. Viewers at Daily Mail shared their outrage at this incident in the comments, including the following.

“OMG, whether this is real footage or a horrifying fake, I don’t care! No matter what, it embodies my absolute worst nightmare. I hope that if it is real, the local agencies will corral and kill every single stray they find in that community. And I hope that this presumed victim and those who care about her can find peace and forget the awful images that undoubtedly come to their minds. May serenity return to them, before too long.”

“When surrounded by a pack of dogs never run. It starts their attack response, and they will outrun you anyway. Best to stand your ground or walk slowly. Try not turn your back,” one man suggested.

What do you think about this dog attack? What could be done to stop things like this from happening elsewhere?

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