A mom has turned to TikTok to share lots of parenting content since she launched her account last year. Now, Your Momma Bestie has amassed a TikTok following of more than 1.2 million people who tune in to watch her videos about everything that is motherhood-related. But there was one video, in particular, that was published to the Chinese-created social media platform back in August that has moms everywhere bursting into tears.

The video was intended for moms’ eyes only. However, people everywhere are now tuning in and seeing what Your Momma Bestie said that got thousands of moms tearing up. She wrote a caption for the video that simply stated: “This was on my heart HEAVY this morning. If you care, share with a mom you LOVE.”

At the start of the viral clip, the TikToker advised other people to “keep scrolling” because “if you’re not a mother,” the video was not created for you. The video touched moms deeply because Your Momma Bestie proved that she understood the plight of mothers who are in all stages of parenthood.

“Hi, now that we’re alone… How are you?” Your Momma Bestie said. “Did you get any sleep last night? I know you’re worried. There’s so much pressure on you right now. I feel it too. But I want you to know that you’re not alone. We’re in this together, and you know what, we’re gonna get through this. I know nobody checks on you because you’re so strong. But I just want you to know that I am here. I’m here for you, sis. Keeping going. You’re amazing, and I appreciate you.”

In the comment section, moms let the TikTok user know that she had touched their hearts with her message. The following are a few comments left by people who really wanted to let this TikTok user know that she had done something wonderful with the Chinese-created video platform.

“You have no idea how many moms’ hearts you just touched. We are never seen,” a user wrote.

“The moment you asked ‘how are you?’ I legit teared up,” one person commented.

“We all burst into tears when someone asks us how we are. No one asks us that question ever,” another said.

Her video was so powerful that even some dads felt the need to share their thoughts in the form of a comment.

“I am a dad that does everything that moms traditionally do. I think it is unfortunate that we dads that do it all are usually forgotten.”

Another mom let the TikTok user know that her video was heartwarming.

“You have no idea how many moms’ hearts you just touched. We are never seen. I love you, and thank you. Back at cha momma!”

“So, I’m two weeks postpartum, and I just burst into tears… I had to tell my husband that I’m not okay today and I need help. It’s not easy.”

“Are you accepting applications for friendship?” one person jokingly asked.

What do you think about this touching video for moms?

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This was on my heart HEAVY this morning. If you care, Share with a mom you LOVE ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##foru ##momlife ##selfcare ##momsupport ##support

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