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“This Is Too Much. I Can’t Watch” Are You Able To Make It Through The Entire Video?

Everyone knows that Australia has some of the world’s gnarliest reptiles, insects, and arachnids. While some might know that as fact, we seldom like to be reminded of it. However, this video captured in Queensland, Australia is just too good to skip. As you’ll see when you press play (I dare you to try to resist at least checking out a few seconds of this clip), hundreds if not thousands of tiny spiders simultaneously emerge from the egg sac where they’ve been gestating.

The woman who first saw this shocking incident unfolding was Lisa. And she was growing concerned about the nephila edulis spiders, which go by the common name golden orb spiders. In the disturbing clip, Lisa pokes and prods the minute spiders to get them moving as she seems to be genuinely worried about the little arachnids. And as you’ll see, her manipulations of the egg sac work. The tiny buggers begin to crawl free and start scurrying out onto her hand.

Compared to some of Australia’s spider monstrosities, these little guys are relatively low risk. Although they’re all over Lisa’s hand, they’re not going to kill her and besides, she trusts and loves the little guys too much to worry herself about their bite.

Golden orb spiders are ferocious. They have pincer-like fangs that close in from the side and give them the ability to chomp down on their prey with lethal force. But their jaw strength is not enough to threaten human life.

The mother spider laid the egg sac over Christmas time, and Lisa was worried about them because they had yet to hatch. That’s why she started prodding the golden orb to see if the little guys inside were alive or not. And when the spiders began emerging with force and energy, she was overjoyed. She didn’t want to see them dead.

The video clip was picked up by Daily Mail Australia. As you can imagine, dozens of people commented on the disturbing footage. The following comments were some of the most popular.

“This is too much. I can’t watch. Making my skin itch.”

“Lisa is a weird and needs to get a life,” criticized one viewer.

Although they’re not deadly to humans, one viewer was not messing around, as he wrote: “Fangs that bite from the side. Kill the little blighters before they grow into big biters.”

One viewer had a lot of experience with these spiders and knew they’re a nuisance.

“When those things grow up, they become enormous bloody things that weave extremely strong webs across footpaths here in Oz – sometimes fifteen feet across. It can really wake you up when you’re on an early morning jog, fail to see the web, and end up with an enormous bloody face hugger clamped to your mush and a few yards of net trailing behind you. Screaming and waving your arms around while running into the nearest tree is the most popular defense.”

Take a moment to watch the video. Could you ever love these spiders as much as Lisa?