This Jogger Was Fed Up With The Homeless In California, But His Next Move Has Many Outraged : AWM

This Jogger Was Fed Up With The Homeless In California, But His Next Move Has Many Outraged

John Harris is a proud Oakland resident, so what he recently saw caught him well off-guard. He was hanging out at Lake Merritt recently when he noticed a man in jogging clothes acting rather strange. The runner was throwing random things into the lake, like blankets and clothes. Residents tried to stop him once they realized these possessions belonged to a local homeless resident.

The jogger kept claiming that he was, “throwing away trash,” but really he was stealing from a man who had barely anything, to begin with. Drew may be homeless, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to be treated with such disrespect.

Drew is well-known to the local residents, the very same ones who came to his defense when he was attacked by the jogger. For some reason, the man stumbled into Drew’s stuff and it clearly set him off in a very aggressive way.

One neighbor tried to reason with the man, but he wasn’t having any sort of logic.

“It’s his stuff, he’s been living there for a long time,” you can hear one person say in protest.

“It’s disgusting, it smells like p**s, it’s nasty,” he angrily replies, continuing to throw away the stuff. “I’m not taken any of it, he can pick it up.”

He started kicking Drew’s stuff across the small area that he was living in and creating a horrible mess. At no point is the reason for his anger revealed.

The camera then moves to the lake where more items can be seen in the dark water. Poor Drew is being robbed and this man is just getting away with it!

Thankfully more residents came and told the jogger that this was unacceptable and he needed to stop. He finally left, but that wasn’t the end.

A man named Matt Nelson shared a Facebook live video later that day in which the jogger identifies himself as, “Henry.” He claims to have been simply trying to clean up trash but it was obvious to everyone that he had other motives as well.

“Some of it fell in, I didn’t throw it in, so I don’t know… this other dude came through and tried to grab s**t out of my hand,” he said defensively. “I was trying to do the right f*****g thing. I pick up trash all over the place. His s**t, anyone’s s**t, it’s trash.”

He wasn’t aware that he was being filmed, but when he found out apparently he attacked the cameraman and stole his phone. “Henry” has a lot of explaining to do after these two illegal and terrible acts in one day.

“While my wounds will heal, the deep wounds of inequality in Oakland will fester unless we dramatically improve how we treat our neighbors who are unhoused, unsheltered, or on the verge of losing their housing,” Nelson wrote along with his video.

“We can do much better by our people. And to achieve this, we need you and the love you’ve shown me to lead us forward to a town rooted in full dignity and human rights for all.”

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