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This Life-Sized Statue Of Melania Trump Is Causing Controversy

When Melania Trump immigrated from her home country of Slovenia, few people would have thought that she’d rise from model to First Lady of the United States. However, Donald Trump took a liking to Melania and made her his wife, and now Slovenia has honored the First Lady with a statue erected in her honor – but the life-sized wooden replica of the First Lady has been largely labeled “a disgrace” as it looks nothing like the President’s wife.

The statue was unveiled in Rozno, Slovenia on Friday and was dedicated to First Lady Melania Trump. However, people were quick to point out and criticize the statue for looking absolutely nothing like the First Lady. Instead, the Daily Mail described the statue as looking more like a Smurf.

The wooden statue is painted the same color as the dress Melania wore during the inauguration of her husband, 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump back in January 2017.

While locals are sad that the statue does not do the First Lady justice as it looks nothing like her, people around the world are laughing at the statue and the First Lady. Instead, the wooden statue looks more like a cartoon character come to life.

Because the statue is such a resounding failure, people on social media are starting to use it as a practical joke. Some people laughed about how the real Melania is more “wooden” than the statue erected in her home country in her honor.

Local craftsman Ales Zupevc created the failed “masterpiece.” He was commissioned to create the likeness of the First Lady by the American artist Brad Downey.

Although Slovenia considered the statue to be an “honor” to the First Lady, locals are horrified and embarrassed that this was the best their country could produce. It’s one of the many reasons Melania fled the country for the social asylum offered in the United States.

The official unveiling of the statue drew a crowd of about 30 people. They all looked on in horror as they were ashamed of what they saw, calling the statue a “disgrace” that resembled cartoon character “Smurfette” better than it did Melania.

Although locals have pride that Melania hailed from the same small Slovenian town as them, they are ashamed at the statue that was commissioned to honor her.

“It doesn’t look anything like Melania,” one local complained. “It’s a Smurfette.”

Another resident told ITV, “It’s not okay. It’s a disgrace. That’s what I have to say.”

Although Slovenian nationals and locals consider the statue an utter disgrace, American social media personalities jumped at the opportunity to ridicule it and the President.

“The first public statue of Melania Trump in Slovenia will be officially unveiled on Friday. I’m sure she’ll be pleased,” one person wrote in anticipation.

As soon as it was revealed, the tone of the comments quickly changed to ridicule.

“The real Melania is more wooden,” one person quipped, while another wrote, “Has more life in it than she does.”

What do you think about the Slovenian “masterpiece” crafted to honor Melania?

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