If I told you that this red storage container was selling for $40,000, your first question would be ‘what’s inside?’ The answer to that question is simple yet comes with unbounded possibilities. This red storage container might be deceiving, but it’s actually a tiny home that has been fully equipped for anyone looking to lead a simpler life with minimal possessions and maximum freedom.

This storage container, which is currently located in Texas, is fully renovated and decked out to make the perfect home for anyone. As the tiny home movement continues to grow and evolve, more people are looking for simpler solutions to live their lives without the horrors surrounding mortgages and massive bills. If you live in a storage container like this, you’re not going to be as stressed out as you are owning an entire home.

Tiny homes like this also indulge your nomadic lifestyle. Because they’re easy to transport – a lot easier to move than an entire house (that’s for sure) – they can be moved around the country as you see fit. That means you don’t have to buy a new house every time you decide to pick up and go somewhere new. You could follow your kids or grandkids around the country and live in one place for a few months and then move to another city for some time. It’s flexible. Talk about freedom!

The home pictured here is based in Beaumont, Texas. The seller on Tiny House Listings advertises that they will ship them home for free anywhere within 1,000 miles of Beaumont. And they’re asking $40,000 or $50,000 for it.

“These container houses are becoming more and more popular for tiny off the grid living. So many options you can choose from. Stocked fully furnished with washer/dryer, shower, toilet, bathroom sink, electric stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink, tankless water heater, and cabinets. The unit comes standard 40ft long 8ft wide and 9.6 high they have Lg Ductless ac/heat units. Comes with two TVs, one in bedroom one in living.”

The home was originally listed on the website back in April 2017. If it hasn’t sold yet, people are making a big mistake. This has the potential to transform someone’s life. It’s that wonderful.

Tiny House Listings also produced a video highlighting the red storage container home. The video has amassed more than 280,000 views since it went alive with the vast majority of people liking the clip.

The YouTube describes added the following about the desirable home: “This shipping container that has been converted into a 320 square feet tiny house in Texas is for sale. It’s a pretty sweet setup with separate bedroom and has the extra high ceilings.”

While tiny homes can be wonderful, you need to have a place to plant it. Not every city is going to be able to do that for you. You have to do your research before you drop $40,000 to buy one of these.

Are you the kind of person who could sell their home and move into a tiny home? Would you be able to live in such a small space?

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