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This New “Throwing Game” Has Animal Rights Activists Outraged

Video footage from Indonesia has many animal rights activists completely outraged. And when you see what these young men are up to, you’ll probably be rather miffed as well. Not only is it bizarre, but it can be harmful to the animals that are forced into participating. In the clip, you’ll watch as young man grab and toss female ducks, between the ages of four and six months, as far as they can until the ducks take to the air in flight and try to get as far as possible from the men tossing them away like trash.

The clip comes to us from West Sumatra in Indonesia. The young men are grabbing the female ducks by their legs before throwing them as far as they can as they prepare for the duck race season that lands on the calendar next month. The female ducks that are used in this terrible game were never able to lay eggs and have trouble flying.

The ducks were forced to strengthen their so-called “landing muscles” as they gear up to be used in the duck race. To achieve this goal, the young Indonesian men throw the ducks as high into the air as possible, so they come crashing down onto the tarmac road.

When it is not “training season,” these “sportsmen” keep these female ducks locked away in small metal cages that provide only the slightest opening so the birds can get some air. They want them to be handicapped a little bit because it prevents the birds from flying away forever.

People love to participate in the bizarre duck races of West Sumatra because prizes include gold coins and valuable farm animals like goats. The winning duck takes home the prize for its owner.

These duck races are steeped in tradition and outrage some modern animal rights activists. There are very specific rules about what qualifies and what does not. For example, the winner of the race is not the duck that crosses the finish line first, but the one that gets closest to the finish line without crossing it.

One local man, an avid fan of duck racing, Mr. Irdon, spoke to the news outlet about how ducks undergo three vigorous months of training before they’re hurled into the month-long duck race season. It’s a rather popular pastime in the island nation.

Irdon described how racing ducks are fed honey, eggs, and vitamins to get them very strong and ready to race. It’s the traditional “conditioning” that the locals put the ducks through in order to secure victory and take home the gold – literally the gold coins.

Ducks are expected to be strong enough to fly as many as 1,200 meters in these races.

In the video below, you can see local men throwing ducks to have them practice. When training is done, the young men capture their ducks and lock them in cages until they’ve recovered enough to practice the next day again.

What do you think about this bizarre tradition of duck racing in Indonesia?

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