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This Old Interview Of Jenna Bush Hagar Has Resurfaced And Is Now Going Viral

A few years before she got her delightful pregnancy surprise, former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager accepted a request to meet with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry. Although Jenna was swept up with all the good news that she was expecting a healthy, beautiful baby boy, her third child, someone reminded her of that day with Tyler Henry and Jenna could not believe it – the Hollywood Medium had predicted it exactly.

The pregnancy was announced on Today when Jenna, 37, stood beside her husband, Henry Hager, 40. Although the former first daughter told the hosts that they “weren’t really trying to get pregnant,” they were delighted to welcome a baby boy into the family.

That’s when the viewer sent an email to the show to remind everyone that this was exactly what Tyler Henry predicted back when he met with Jenna in 2016.

Jenna, who is now a co-host of Today, conducted an emotional, psychic session with Tyler Henry, in which he spoke to her maternal grandfather, who had passed away in 1995.

Jenna had loved her grandfather very much and always wished she had more time to spend with him. That’s why it was so touching to hear him speak to her through the Hollywood Medium.

“As far as children go, he’s referencing that there is going to be a little boy that will be born,” Tyler said, translating the maternal grandfather’s words through the spirit realm into our reality.

When Tyler told Jenna this message, she started crying tears of joy. She loved the idea of welcoming a baby boy into the family, but it was not clear whether it would happen or not.

During the session with the Hollywood Medium, Jenna told him that she would name the son Harold after the maternal grandfather, whom she adored.

“We’ve always thought if we had a boy, we were going to name him after him. But we haven’t had a boy yet.”

Because she remembered that day with the Hollywood Medium, Jenna shared the clip of her emotional moment with him on the Today show. “Ain’t that crazy?” she said.

She admitted that she believes in mediums and was glad to take the opportunity to speak to the famous Hollywood Medium back in 2016.

“He said that my grandfather told him. So if my grandfather Harold Welch, who’s been dead nearly 20 years, is watching. I love you, Pa,” she said.

Jenna had a difficult pregnancy before she got pregnant with her son-to-be. She had an ectopic pregnancy, which is dangerous and occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside the uterus.

“Before I had Mila, I had a pregnancy in my fallopian tube. It was my first pregnancy. I was so excited. I remember I was in California, and I started to feel sick. I was with my best friend, and Henry said, ‘Take (a pregnancy test). You’re with Mia. You’re with your sister. Find out if you’re pregnant.”

What do you think about the Hollywood Medium predicting the former first daughter’s most recent pregnancy?

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