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This Photo Of A Mom Working With Her Newborn Baby Is Causing Controversy. Can You See Why?

Any working mom with young children knows how exhausting life can be. If there’s a newborn in the mix, mom likely isn’t getting much sleep at night. When this image of Melody Blackwell made the rounds, it received a huge amount of attention from other parents who were thrilled to see that Melody’s boss allowed such a flexible arrangement.

The Tennessee chiropractic assistant had taken a three-month maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter Nora-Jo, and now is allowed to bring her daughter to work.

Nora-Jo is now 5 months old and Melody brings the baby with her every Monday and works from home most other days. She comes into the office to help when her co-workers need some extra assistance.

Melody explained the picture, which shows Nora-Jo snuggled up to mom while she takes a phone call, telling WTVF: “She’ll just sit up front with me while I do my work.” She added: “Then I’ll usually either hold her when she sleeps or I have a carrier thing I put her in.”

This arrangement has been beneficial, not only in reducing Melody’s child care costs, but also providing her with the ability to nurse her baby as needed during the workday.

Dr. Elizabeth Baker, Melody’s boss at Maryland Farms Chiropractic, took the photo when she saw Melody taking a phone call, writing down notes, and cradling her baby at the same time. She shared the photo on Facebook, explaining: “She makes it look easy.”

The Maryland Farms Chiropractic office wrote on Facebook: “Workin’ mamas. She makes it look easy. It helps that Baby Nora-Jo is so sweet and content just being with and near her mama.
Would y’all mind sharing this? We need more small and large businesses to see this is doable and should be allowed more often!”

The post continued: “The newborn months are so short. (She has transitioned to working from home mostly, but comes in when we need the extra hands. She’s still breastfeeding and baby needs mama! She has many times for feeding breaks while they are in the office.) #WorkinMamas post a pic of you and your little ones while you work!”

Many people responded to the post with their own experiences of being allowed this type of arrangement, with one person sharing: “I couldn’t be more thankful to bring my girl to work every day! I was given my own office to turn into a playroom! They’re only little once and I cherish every moment!”

Another mom commented: “My work is amazing! I’ve been bringing my daughter with me to work since she was 2 years old — now she’s 7 and helps out around the office with small tasks. She has her own space and the bosses even give her fun things to do!… I’ve been so blessed to work at a family run company that revolves around family!!!”

Others applauded this employer for their flexibility, as one person noted: “Good for you Maryland Farms Chiropractic! It’s so important to see companies promoting working Mommas. That’s not always the case, bravo!!”

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