This Principal Just Made A Confession About The Beginning Of School That He Wants All Parents To Know : AWM

This Principal Just Made A Confession About The Beginning Of School That He Wants All Parents To Know

As parents gear up for back to school time, one elementary school principal had a word of caution for those sending their children to school soon. Gerry has been in this game a long time, so heed his advice. He’s well known for his hilarious videos, but as his Facebook page notes, he’s spent “six years in the classroom… and 12 years as an administrator.”

He’s also got quite a social media following, so he’s totally legit.

This cautionary tale has to do with a lunchroom horror that many children and school staff encounter. It’s a little something called Lunchables and, word to the wise, this meal option isn’t such a solid choice.

You might be thinking it’s because of the nutritional content, but it’s so much more than that. Gerry explains “what the most stressful part of the beginning of the school year is” and he says it’s easily kindergarten lunch duty.

Specifically, he says it’s “like trying to get a bunch of kittens to do something” because it’s a challenge getting them seated. He says “it’s just crazy!” Noted. But the biggie, he says, is the challenge of “fancy” Lunchables, which contain a number of little packages that those little hands can’t handle.

He walks viewers through the whole lunch room scenario, saying it includes a lot of stories beginning with “umm, umm, umm…” and pretty crazy debates. Gerry explains: “I do not have time to debate whether a pony would be a good inside pet while I’m trying to open 47 Lunchables,” adding, “If you want to know stress in your life, come volunteer for kindergarten lunchroom duty.”

Laughter is definitely the best medicine, especially this time of year, and Gerry is does a solid job of delivering that medicine to stressed out parents.

Among the many comments left on YouTube was one person who shared: “You are so hilarious!!! I have a son in Kindergarten, and while I didn’t send lunchables, I did send his lunch in multiple containers that he needed help opening, LOL, so I am totally guilty! However, I did leave his Ziploc sandwich bag unzipped for him.”

Another commenter could relate, noting: “LOL! I’m dying with laughter because I just started a new job as an EA (educational assistant) which is a glorified name for lunch room attendant and recess attendant. I have learned to despise the Lunchables. I can’t tell you how many times a day I have to open the deadgum pizza sauce and don’t even get me started on Gogurt. Why are those things so hard to open? Seriously… they know children are the ones eating these things and it’s like trying to break into Fort Knox for heaven’s sake.”

One person took the frustration one step further, noting: “wouldn’t mind opening food containers quite as much if the darling little ones hadn’t already tried to bite them open. The added spit not only makes the whole process VERY slippery but there is also that added ‘yuck’ factor. I could listen to you all day!”