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This School Janitor Has A Secret Until Staff Uncovers Truth And Confronts Her In Front Of Everyone

People can carry secrets with them for months, even years if they really don’t want to tell. Some just can’t wait to get it off their chest, while others hold it deep inside for no one else to know. 77-year-old Frances Buzzard was recently hired as a janitor at Belle Elementary School in West Virginia. But little did they know that she had a big secret hidden inside!

Buzzard excelled in her new role right off the bat. She took to the new school like a moth to a flame, and the kids couldn’t get enough of her incredible work ethic and amiable personality.

Some janitors simply fade into the school and never make themselves a part of it. Others, like this charming older woman, make their presence known from day one without even trying.

Her little secret is far from a dark one, but she never shared it with anyone in her 77 years of life. No one knew about it until the principal of her new school decided to do a little research into her past.

One fateful day, Frances was working just like any other when suddenly she heard her name over the loudspeaker. The faceless voice told her that she was needed up in the lunchroom for an emergency.

Frances didn’t see any emergency when she first entered the cafeteria. But it was only a second later that the room exploded in celebration!

“SURPRISE!!!” screamed every student and teacher in the room.

That day was Frances’ birthday, and she just turned 77. As it turns out, she’d never had a birthday party in her entire life! That’s the secret that the principal discovered when she looked into Frances hidden past.

Hundreds of students and teachers began to sing a resounding, “Happy Birthday,” as they wheeled out a massive cart full of cupcakes and cookies. But they didn’t stop the celebrations there.

The very same principal then brought out another surprise for the birthday girl, a fancy sash with a shiny tiara to match! She looked as beautiful as ever in her fancy get up, sporting a giant smile as always.

That wasn’t the last surprise of the day. Seconds later, the giant red curtains that adorned the walls of the room opened up to reveal a stage at one end.

Behind the stage stood a solitary screen with images projected onto it. Frances quickly realized that the pictures were of her, but not anywhere she remembered. Someone had photoshopped her into several historic images, like the flag raising at Iwo Jima and in the crowd at Woodstock in 1969.

Frances’ first birthday party was one of the most special days in her entire life. She’ll surely never forget the gift that these kids and teachers gave to her for the rest of her days on this earth.

The birthday surprise was caught on film and the clip went viral very shortly after it was posted. Frances’ joy is absolutely unforgettable so make sure you don’t skip out on this inspiring clip!

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