When people show up for kids in need, they make a big difference. Children who come from at-risk homes often don’t have stability in their lives. That means that when adults – like their teachers and tutors – can be there for them day-in and day-out, they can make a positive influence on their lives – and forty-year-old DeAndre Warren is one of those good people who makes a difference in his community.

Warren has been serving as a police officer at the Wynne Public Schools for five years. And he has built up a regular habit of praying in front of the school’s flagpole every morning before the children start to come in to learn and improve their lives. It’s his way of giving back to his community and making a positive mark on the lives of the children at the school.

On Saturday, Warren’s eldest daughter, De’Andria, snapped a candid image of her dedicated father praying on the school grounds. In the picture, you can see the school officer near the flagpole proving that he is a patriotic American and someone who knows how to give back to those in need.

She captioned the image: “Often you don’t see an officer on school grounds at the flag pole praying for our children! I know this amazing Man of God who prays for our school systems, your children, and our community every day faithfully! This outstanding man is my dad, and I’m so proud to be his daughter! There are not too many people out here in this world like him! Officer Warren, we are so thankful for you!”

Warren’s commitment did not go unnoticed. Soon he was invited to speak on Good Morning America, and he talked about how he was standing out by the flag pole to pray for teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, the children’s family – and of course, the students who show up every day to learn.

He said, “I’d be on my patrol and just pray as I walk up and down the halls. One moment I just felt the urge to stop at the [flagpole] and start praying at the pole because of what it represents, and with so many things that are going on in our nation.”

He quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14, which he said was his inspiration. The verse reads: “If my people, which are called by name, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will heal their land.”

Carl Easley, the Superintendent of Wynne Public Schools, said that Warren has been with the Wynne Police Department for about seven years. He is responsible for keeping about six hundred students safe at the primary and junior high schools in the community. It’s a big job, and he’s doing great work.

“His character is always upbeat. Always pleasant,” Easley said. “In the last couple of weeks, he has always shared some type of uplifting words with me. It’s just part of his personality.”

He said, “I’m just trying to show them a positive light. The positive side of law enforcement.”

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