This Shelter Dog Ruined His Clothes. His Next Move Shocked Everyone In The Room : AWM

This Shelter Dog Ruined His Clothes. His Next Move Shocked Everyone In The Room

Some shelter dogs face a long road until they are adopted, as many get passed over for a variety of reasons. For Pablo the Pit Bull, he could have had a rocky road, but thankfully a kind human took him in, despite his flaws. When Pablo met Manny, he ripped and shredded his coat. The dog’s rescuers were worried that this act would prevent Pablo from making a forever family with Manny, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Pablo was terrified of men and was cautious and fearful around men. When Pablo shredded Manny’s coat, the rescuers in the room got quiet, as Manny explained: “I reach and he bites my coat and rips and shreds the one arm. And everybody just got quiet. They were like, ‘They’re never gonna take this dog now.’”

Guess what? Manny wasn’t so easily scared off and because Pablo acted that way, he felt he had to give the dog a home. Manny noted: “And I go, ‘I want him even more now.’ Like ‘I want him now. I want him bad.’”

The man knew that Pablo might not get adopted for that kind of behavior. “Cause I know that this guy, no one else is gonna take him,” Manny explained, adding, “I said ‘This is gonna be my dog. I love him to death already. I’m not afraid of a little bit of a challenge.’ I couldn’t wait to get him.”

Pablo definitely took to his new mom, but despite Manny taking him in, the dog still felt uncertain about the man.

Pablo had already been returned to the New York Bully Crew animal rescue organization multiple times and they soon discovered during a vet visit that the dog had been abused when he was younger as well.

“Who kicked him?” the vet asked. “Somebody hurt him when he was really, really young.”

His new owners didn’t know exactly, but they could now piece together some of Pablo’s behaviors and his mistrust of men.

Manny explained, “It was difficult having a dog that was giving her all the affection and love, and I wanted to touch him, I couldn’t touch him. I couldn’t love him. That was very difficult.”

They were determined to earn his trust however, and Manny would play with their other dog to show that he could be trusted. Over time, Pablo began to take note of the affection the other dog was getting and slowly warmed up to Manny.

In just a matter of a few months, Pablo trusted his human and wasn’t afraid of him anymore. He and the other family dog, Charli, would go on walks together and he was enjoying his forever family.

Manny explained, “He’s still a work in progress but I know this. I would never give him back or think about it. He’s definitely worth all the trouble.”

Commenters on the YouTube video about Pablo’s story were overwhelmed by Manny’s kindness. One person summed it up perfectly, writing: “God bless you for not giving up on him, and many must have really hurt him physically and emotionally, but he knows he’s safe and that you all love him. He’s such a gorgeous boy, I wish you lots of happy times together as a family.”