Children are skilled at wasting toilet paper. Every parent knows that no matter how many times you ask a child to use less paper, they forget and use the entire roll in one go. Now, one mom from Australia has turned to social media to share her trick to stop her children from wasting her toilet paper, which has helped save her a lot of money on this common household product.

The trick is simple. This mom simply squashes the roll of toilet paper – making it flatter – before she puts it on the roll in the bathroom. The method works by making it a bitter harder to get toilet paper off the roll, which means that children are far less likely to waste the toilet paper.

The mom shared her tip along with the caption, “Kids home from school? Going through toilet paper faster than usual?”

Mom then displays how she squashes the toilet paper roll before putting it up in the bathroom. Because children cannot easily roll the toilet paper and thus the trick saves mom a lot of money on this household item.

“This would be perfect for us, my daughter pulls it, and it comes off. Then she calls me because the toilet paper is running,” another mom wrote.

The trick seems to work well to keep children from wasting toilet paper. However, saving TP is not the only thing that this trick can be good for. It may also help you stop your partner from wasting too much toilet paper as well.

“I will be doing this for my partner,” one woman said.

“I will do this for my husband. I hear the toilet roll holder and just cringe,” another said.

Although the trick seems to work well for many people, it did have a number of critics who said they would never want to use it in their home.

“That’s just evil,” said one mum.

“Wouldn’t work for my kids. They would keep on pulling,” one woman said.

Other people contributed more comments about the bathroom hack.

“That’s so annoying when the roll is squashed because the kids sat on it in the trolley, but it does work,” one woman said.

Other parents were eager to share their gratitude for this Australian mom for sharing the tip on social media. However, these moms had some tricks of their own to keep their kids from wasting too much toilet paper when they go to the bathroom.

“I used to put it out of reach, so they had to yell out for me to ration it for them,” one mom said.

“I draw a line on the wall three or four squares down – it is an easy measurement for all,” another said.

Nevertheless, this tip did attract a lot of attention online as it went viral all the way from Australia – reaching the United States.

Do you think this trick would save toilet paper in your home? Or is this something that would work for little children only?

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