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This Skeleton Washed Up On The Beach, And Not Even Scientists Are Sure What It Is

When you live on or near a beach, then you certainly see your fair share of oddball things that wash up on shore. We aren’t just talking about jellyfish or the random message in a bottle. We are talking about downright bizarre and undetectable things that have the potential to both frighten you and make you laugh at the same time. “Sea pickles” are one of the many items that have washed up and taken beach goers by surprise.

These gelatinous, bumpy, translucent creatures have been known to wash up on the shoreline of the Pacific ocean by the millions. Then there is the occasional dead whale that randomly shows up on beaches, surprising everyone. And of course, let’s not forget the massive ice balls that covered the beaches along the northeastern coast of Michigan. The giant balls were clustered together, in one massive clump, some weighing in at 50 pounds each. The bizarre phenomenon shocked residents, but it turned out that they were simply pieces of slush and ice crystals that transformed into the shape of balls after they were shaped by the rolling motion of the waves.

The latest and greatest of the mysterious beach phenomenon was spotted on a beach in Canterbury, New Zealand and residents are believing that it’s an alien. Between the fins, tiny head, and random limbs, it’s been quite the topic of discussion. Maybe it’s the point protruding from its head or the wings that expand from the tiny body? Not to mention the random tail thrown in there.

When Hanna Mary and her mother were out for a simple stroll along the beach, they came across the peculiar creature and were beyond shocked when they first saw it.

“My first thought was that it was something alien, but I was more fascinated than anything,” said Hanna.

Baffled by the mystery creature, Hanna and her mother took it to a taxidermist, hoping for answers. Much to their surprise, the taxidermist didn’t even have the answer, and he decided to post the image on Facebook, on a mission to find someone who was familiar with the rare creature.

The majority of commenters believed that the skeleton belonged to a skate, but several had differing opinions on exactly what type of skate. Skates, which are a type of cartilaginous fish, are known by their stiff snout and fins that are similar to stingrays. There have been more than 150 different types of species described in the skate family.

“I would say a very deep water skate,” one commenter said.

Several other commenters treated the discovery like a joke and added some humorous remarks…

“Hillary Clinton.”

“Chlamydosaurus kingi Frillneck lizard.”

While it was determined that the creature was most likely one of the 150 different types of skates, it was certainly a shock for Hanna and her mother when they stumbled across the alien-like creature. It probably didn’t help matters when the taxidermist didn’t even know what species the skeleton belonged to. This just goes to show you that you never know what you are going to come across when you go out for an innocent stroll along the beach.