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This Spooky Security Footage From The Hospital Apparently Proves Ghosts Are Real

Footage from a hospital security camera shows why the security guard on duty was terrified one night. The incident occurred at a hospital in India and shows the moment an empty wheelchair begins to roll on its own volition as it passed by the front of the hospital. The guard on duty, who was working the late-night shift, watched the wheelchair move by itself and became very scared, worried that a supernatural spirit might be using it to glide across the entrance to the hospital.

When the guard at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh saw the wheelchair move, he was frightened. Wouldn’t you be frightened as well if the chair just moved on its own as it did?

Although someone had left the wheelchair parked near the entrance to the hospital, it started rolling backward toward the hospital exit. It was as if a ghost had gotten into it in an effort to make a final escape from the establishment.

When the wheelchair got passed a certain point, it careened over a ramp and then went into the garden. At this point, the wheelchair avoided a pillar as it continued its great escape from the hospital building.

When the incident occurred on September 19, security guard Manoj Kumar was stunned. You can see the guard looking at the wheelchair move on its own volition in the footage. The night security guard is very concerned about it. The fact that the thing is moving by itself is extremely worrying to Kumar because the wheelchair makes its great escape from the hospital premises without anyone doing anything to spark its movements.

Hospital staff felt that there was really only one explanation for the movement of the wheelchair. The people at the facility, including Kumar, believe that a ghost was responsible for moving the chair away from the entrance. Apparently, the ghost was from someone who had died recently and wanted to make an escape from the building.

Because the staff at the hospital feared that the phantom that moved the wheelchair was on the loose and could be out looking for people to hurt, now the hospital is struggling to find people to fill the night shifts.

“It rolled on the smooth floor and went out,” Kumar said. “It was just wind and not any ghost.”

Although Kumar was frightened in the footage, the guard managed to return to sanity afterward and claim that it must have just been the wind.

“One of us had gone for the rounds, and another was inside,” Kumar added. “I came out to drink water, and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own. It was just wind. Nothing else. I was also feeling very cold.”

Although Kumar is very confident that the wind was responsible for moving the wheelchair, other staffers at the hospital are not so sure. They’re worried that a phantom might be on the loose, looking for people to haunt.

What do you think about this footage from the hospital in India? Is it the wind or a ghost?

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