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This Terminally Ill Country Music Star Spent Her Final Days At Home Enjoying Her Family

Life is a precious gift and we never know when our time is going to be up. We are told to live life to the fullest and that it is too short to dwell on the little things. We are told to stop and smell the roses and to enjoy every minute with our children because it will be gone before we know it.

We are told to cherish our health and be grateful for every day that we are given to live on this earth. This was definitely the case for one country music star.

One of the things that can stop life in its tracks is the diagnosis of a serious illness. Cancer is one of those types of diagnosis that people dread to ever hear. This illness with change the direction of your life to be focused on your treatments and your fight against this killer. Joey Martin Feek was one person whose life was turned upside down.

Joey Martin Feeks and her husband Rory were living a happy life with a beautiful daughter, Indiana, and the kind of life that people dream of. She was one half of the country music duo Joey + Rory, with her husband. Her life changed when she gave birth to her daughter, Indiana, in February of 2014. Her daughter was born with Down Syndrome, but that never stopped the happy family.

Their world came crashing down in May of 2014 when Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She would embark on an arduous journey of chemotherapy, radiation, and a hysterectomy surgery. After the surgery, she was declared cancer-free and she considered herself lucky. Until the following year.

In July of 2015, she was not feeling right and she went back to the doctors. The diagnosis came back that the cancer had returned and with a vengeance. It was shown to have come back and spread, or metastasized to her colon. It got to the point when doctors told her that all they could do was to make her as comfortable as possible.

Her husband Rory announced it to their fans on their blog in a heart-wrenching post. In the post, he told fans that she had decided to stop all treatments and spend what time that she had left with her family and her daughter and to maximize what it was that she had left. In March of 2016, at the age of 40, Joey finally lost her battle with cancer.

At 4 am on Friday morning we rushed Joey to the hospital in Muncie. Her pain had become too much to bare. A few hours later the doctors told us that the pain was from the cancer tumors continuing to grow and become inflamed and we need to concentrate now on helping her be comfortable. Not the answer we hoped for… but the answer He has given us. After a series of different medications that didn’t seem to touch the pain – heavy doses of morphine brought Joey sweet relief.

It is never easy to lose a loved one and it is going to be something that her family will feel the hurt for years to come. Her spirit and a piece of herself will live on in her daughter. It is a difficult thing to watch someone you love to be taken by an illness such as cancer and know that all you can do is be there for them. This is one of those stories that reminds you to tell your loved ones that you love them every day because you never know when that time will come.

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