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This Video Of A Goose Finding Its Partner On The Side Of The Road Is Breaking My Heart

Humans can learn a lot from animals. From loyalty to kindness and excitement, sometimes it feels like they have it all figured out, and we are just here living in their world. The same goes for animals and love. It always seems to strike a familiar chord with people whenever they witness the love an animal can feel and realize that it’s in them somewhere too.

In Fujian, south China a male goose who belonged to someone in a nearby county went for a walk with his partner, a female. However, the walk didn’t end up being quite as wonderful as they had hoped. The female goose was struck by a car and died on impact.

The male goose ran over to her side when it happened and tried picking up her neck with his beak, doing everything he could to revive her. Unfortunately though, as passersby started witnessing the incident, it was clear that the female goose was incapable of saving.

But it didn’t stop the male goose from trying. He stayed by her side for more than twenty minutes, even as cars began to pass and chickens came strutting a little too close by. He did not want to leave his companion, and it was clear how much heartbreak he was experiencing after witnessing this horrible scene.

According to, “The goose is one of the most intelligent birds. It has a good memory and does not forget people, animals, or situations easily….” So not only does it feel like this bird is going through something, we know for sure that it is after learning its intelligence level.

Peta even says, “Ducks and geese can feel pain and emotions just like our dogs and cats, and just like humans.” That’s all I needed to hear to empathize for this goose.

It reminds me of more than a few instances where dogs and pets display emotions when their owners die, but this one strikes an even further chord because it was a fellow goose that passed away. The connection he had with this female is palpable in the video.

Just like family members in a group of animals feel an intense connection with one another, they are capable of feeling love with their partners as well, making me see this video from a whole new perspective. In that moment, what would I be doing? How would a human be responding while they watch their partner get hit by a car?

This heartbroken goose refused to move and accept that his companion won’t be joining him on walks anymore. With no shortage of cute animal videos on the internet, it’s important to humanize them every once in a while, too, and to do everything we can as humans to make sure that animals can live a happy life after something traumatic may have happened to them in the past.

Break out the tissues, everybody. It’s time to see what animal love looks like.

What did you see in the video that showed you the goose’s love?

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