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This Video Of A Man Trying To Ride A Horse Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

It’s impossible to write an article about this video without being politically incorrect. I’ll try my best, but as you’ll see, this video is laugh-inducing humor at its best. In the clip, a morbidly obese man decides to climb on top of a poor horse and ride the animal around like a man half his size – it must have been difficult for this animal to do what the mane expected it to do – and the result is rather hilarious.

After a few false starts, the obese man tries to kick at the horse’s sides to get it to “get up” and move along on the track. However, the horse cannot keep standing under the man’s excessive weight. As the man tries to force the horse to complete a task that would be impossible given the guy’s size, it topples over and crashes to the dirt. And the resulting comments from the video have come in all shapes and sizes. Most people are outraged that the man would think this would be a good idea given that the horse was about his size and he’s sitting on its back. Would he want to carry a person the same size as him on his shoulders?

The following are a few comments that were posted to Reddit after the clip of this obese man falling off the horse went viral.

“You’re basically asking to break one of the horse’s legs.”

Others agreed: “AKA horse murder. Goddamn. I’ve lived some places where folks randomly had a horse and rarely cared for it, but this is active destruction. Not to fat shame, but if your ass can’t stay in your shorts while sitting on an animal and nearing its girth, please don’t attempt to put your weight on the creature’s spine.”

That sentiment was echoed by many other people.

“That’s not fat-shaming. That’s just common sense.”

Although what happened in this video was objectively funny, some people were afraid to share comments because they were worried that it would be considered fat-shaming. In other words, they’re afraid to be politically incorrect. One person offered an enlightening response to that fear.

“As a fat person, I wish more people would fat shame. It is not okay to be fat, and I’m trying to change. Those Buzzfeed people that show these huge whales of a human and say it’s okay are cancer.”

However, this might not always work.

“Evidence suggests that most people who experience very negative fat-shaming end up just feeling bloody horrible about themselves, and since many people cope with stress by eating, it actually perpetuates their weight issues. Perhaps someone telling you that you’re disgusting pushes you to try and lose weight, but it doesn’t work that way for everyone.”

Although this video sparked a lot of comments from people and got people talking about fat-shaming, it certainly made more people laugh. If you’re in for a good chuckle, then this video will bring a smile to your face – guaranteed.

What do you think about this guy riding the horse?

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