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This Video Of A Woman Jumping Off A Dock Has Gone Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Some things are just a bad idea. Case in point — when a woman decided to run along a dock and jump into a frozen lake, things didn’t go exactly as she had planned. While most people would shy away from such a stunt because so many things could go wrong, she decided to go for it. Unfortunately, she suffered an injury as a result of the jump.

Clearly, it’s cold out, as she’s seen at the start of the video removing warm clothes to reveal a black bra and matching thong underwear, still wearing a winter hat. As she runs along the boards, she removes the hat, throwing it to the side as she approaches the edge of the dock.

Then, without a hint of hesitation, she takes a cannonball jump, tucking her legs up as she makes the plunge. Only, there’s not such much of a plunge and so much more of a crack and skid across the ice.

It’s unclear if she anticipated that the ice was thinner and would break when she jumped in or if she knew that it was more solid, but either way, she suffered an injury from the epic fail, fracturing her ankle in the process.

When she smacks the surface, a loud noise results and she screams out as the guy filming begins to laugh, then he’s heard talking to her as she gets up and limps across the ice, reaching up to him for help to get off the lake.

She then limps back across the dock to where her clothes are. The video includes a jump to the “after” — her foot and ankle all bandaged up.

Among the many comments the video received were those who were stunned by her friend or boyfriend filming, as one person pointed out: “Stupid guy behind camera starts laughing. That could have gone so terribly wrong.”

Another commenter agreed that it could have had a very bad outcome, noting: “Excellent way to break a hip. Or multiple vertebrae. Or cause spinal cord damage from the impact compression.” The commenter added: “I think she (and the cameraman) figure she was heavy enough to break it (which would still hurt like hell, but duh…). A lot of people underestimate how tough ice is.”

Another commenter thought this was a perfect personal joke, noting: “A visual representation of me trying to break the ice with other women.”

Among the many comments left on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of the video were those who wondered how things would have turned out if the ice broke. One person pointed out: “If she had gone under, she would have found it difficult to find her way back to the hole in the ice and wouldn’t have been able to break out. No chance at all if this was a river with a current.”

Another commenter asked: “And she didn’t see the ice? And if she did, did she think, it would not hurt to go through it with its sharp egdes? Anything for a good video for social media.”

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