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This Woman’s Instagram Photos Are Causing Controversy For One Subtle Reason

Have you ever really studied people’s photos on social media? One woman’s Instagram photos have gotten plenty of attention because they have one subtle similar element among all of them. Those flipping through this French woman’s Instagram might have pieced together one small detail, but many miss it entirely. Take a look through her photos here and let us know if you see what they all have in common.

Did you notice it? In every pic, she’s either holding a glass or bottle of alcohol or is situated next to alcohol in some way.

But does it mean anything? In fact, it does. The account is part of a clever campaign to raise awareness about alcohol addiction, pointing out how “It’s easy to miss the addiction of someone close.” Are you really paying attention?

The video explains, “On the 1st of August, @louise.delage appeared on Instagram. Two months later, her photos and videos had over 50,000 likes.” It’s easy to see why – she’s a beautiful woman and her photos, some in gorgeous locations, are overall striking and stunning. The video asked: “But were her followers really aware of what they were liking?”

Turns out, mostly not, as the video scrolls through a selection of her social media pictures, which show the woman in restaurants, aboard a boat, poolside, and in other scenic locales. Then the video focuses on the alcohol in each shot. It ends with the powerful statement that “it’s easy to miss” someone’s addiction, before pointing people to the website Addict Aide.

It’s an interesting use of social media to bring attention to a struggle that many people might be facing, but that their friends and family may not be so aware of.

Those commenting on the video were split about how they felt about the campaign, with one person explaining: “This ad is brilliant. For those that don’t understand, the point isn’t that she’s an alcoholic. The point of this ad is, despite being given a snapshot moments of her life with over a hundred pictures and followed by thousands of people, how many noticed that she may potentially have a drinking problem? That she had a drink in every picture? If it’s so easy to miss even when it’s been blatantly presented to you, how much easier would it be to miss similar signs from people close to you?”

Another fan of the video noted: “The failure to grasp the simple message behind this video is gob smacking! It doesn’t matter if you don’t give a s**t about the person/model in it! The message is that this could be anyone such as a friend or family member and you’d continue to like the pictures without considering what was happening behind the scenes. The video is promoting awareness!”

Another person pointed out: “People really don’t get the point? It isn’t about the model, her lifestyle, or the number of likes. No matter where or when an image was taken, alcohol was there. Addiction is when you are no longer trying to get high, but you are trying to get normal. Alcohol had become a constant background, like the hum of a city you just accept and at some point no longer hear. Thanks for a really smart campaign, even if it goes over others’ heads.”

One commenter had personally liked the woman’s photos and was completely unaware of the campaign behind it, noting: “Wow, I was liking her photos myself and at no point could I tell that she is possibly an alcoholic or part of a project/commercial. Really didn’t expect this, very well done and executed…”

Are you going to pay better attention to your friends and family’s photos now that you’ve seen this example?