This Woman’s Reaction To Watching People Get Killed Has The Internet Going Crazy : AWM

This Woman’s Reaction To Watching People Get Killed Has The Internet Going Crazy

It is hoped that in a person’s time of need, the people who are around will stop to help. Whether you know them or not, it is a normal response by most people to help if they can. People would want others to do that for them if the time were to ever present itself. This was not the case concerning one woman in New York City.

On a Sunday evening in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, a deadly accident took place. A man was operating a Chevy pickup truck when he accidentally jumped the curb of the street he was driving on. He jumped this curb and he hit three people who were walking on the sidewalk. Police were called to the scene to investigate the act.

They were there taking witness testimonies and were able to get a hold of video footage from the area that showed the incident take place. Although the footage was hard to watch, it was different footage that made them sick. There was a woman who was walking a hand full of feet in front of where the accident happened. When she heard the accident take place, she turned around and glimpsed at what had just taken place. She saw that they were people under this truck and all she did was turn and continue to walk and eat her slice of pizza.

She saw people in trouble and trapped under this vehicle and decided to offer no help or even call 911. One of the victims, Victoria Nicodemus, ended up dying due to the injuries that she suffered in the collision. The driver of the truck, Marlon Sewell, was arrested for driving without a license and insurance.

This is one of those instances when we realize that not all people are good people and not all people will take the time out of their lives to help someone else. These are the types of things that make the world a dangerous place. How many different incidents across the world could have been avoided if someone had decided to step in and say something?

Many people say that they don’t want to get involved or some say they didn’t realize what was going on. Lives can be saved if people stopped thinking and acting like this. There was recently a family in Corona, California and the parents were holding their 13 children in abuse and would not let them go outside. It is hard to believe that no one noticed these children being held captive in this home.

When there are people, eyes, and cameras everywhere, there is always someone watching. It is our job, as human beings, to help a fellow person in their time of need. There is always someone who is less fortunate or in a desperate situation and they could use your help. Next time you think that someone needs help, help them because you might just be able to save their lives. It could be your good deed of the day and we should all do at least one every day because it will make the world a better place.