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This Young Man Saved A Bobcat From A Fire, But Never Expected To Get This Thank You

When a forest fire threatened the wildlife in one area, an animal rescuer took action and his heroic efforts weren’t lost on the animal he saved. The Kraus family endured an outbreak of wildfires in their home town, with their house thankfully surviving the blaze. George Kraus found two frightened animals, a wildcat and a fawn, in the fire who were struggling amid the smoke. He brought them home and nursed them back to health.

In the process, the animals learned to live with the other household pets and were thankful to their human rescuers. Benji the bobcat, in particular, showed his affection in a way not typical of a wild animal, and instead seemed more like a domestic cat.

A video showed just how affectionate and snugly a bobcat could be in the Kraus’ home. The video, titled “A bobcat showing his love,” quickly went viral.

In a later video on his YouTube channel, Kraus explained more about Benji, how they got him when he was four weeks old, saying, “he fit in the palm of your hand.” Kraus added, “he actually suffered a stroke at birth,” noting that “he was your typical bobcat.”

He continued explaining that “some of the physical signs that he showed, the right side of his body was impacted.” by the stroke. Kraus noted how they wanted to film him growing up, noting, “being as he was an unusual animal, I wanted to document his life.” This eventually led to him sharing Benji’s videos on YouTube.

He further explained how they bonded with the animal and how Benji knew the family’s smells. Kraus also shared how he’s gotten hate over the years from people that believed Benji should be in the wild, but Kraus further explained that the animal couldn’t be released because he had a stroke.

He did eventually find a sanctuary for Benji to live in, saying “I did what was best for Benji.” The video also shows Kraus visiting Benji at the sanctuary, as he explained, “I’m going to continue making videos” even though the bobcat was no longer in his care.

Kraus added in the description: “He is a special cat that impacted my life in a positive way, and the lessons I learned from Benji I will never forget.”

He also wrote in the comments how much of a loss they felt after Benji left their home, noting: “I’ve watched just the slide show over and over and just cry. What a loss, another loss in my life. He should be here with me, next to me on the couch. Tripping over him when I walk through the house because he follows me everywhere, laughing as he tackles a 120 pound rottweiler and wrestling with him. Giving me those headbutts everytime I come home. Jumping up on my shoulders and just sitting there content as can be. Grooming Athena and protecting her like a big brother. I’ll miss you Benji. But I’ll see you soon. Going to keep making videos and hopefully inspiring people and motivating people to go after their dreams. Thank you for your support and comments everyone.”

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