Those Who Are Easily Offended Are Complaining About Photo Tomi Lahren Posted Of Kaepernick : AWM

Those Who Are Easily Offended Are Complaining About Photo Tomi Lahren Posted Of Kaepernick

Fox News’ Tomi Lahren definitely got some attention for a Photoshopped pic she shared on Twitter. Lahren took to Twitter to post an image of Colin Kaepernick kneeling, with the caption “Citizen of the Year,” writing, “Food for thought.” Prior to posting the image, she tweeted “Happy Thanksgiving! A special thank you to those deployed today and this holiday season. You are always in our thoughts.”

Not everyone was pleased with Lahren’s image, with comments such as “He’s done more for America than you have,” “This does not qualify as an actual thought,” and “It’s Thanksgiving, give us a break with your hate mongering bullshit and go be with loved ones if you have anyone who stands being around you.”

Another person responded, “Every day I think you’ve hit rock bottom, and every day you find a way to dig deeper.”

Of course, there were plenty of commenters who were in her corner, with one person tweeting in response:

“Tomi Lahren is correct, citizen of the year is a cop hating racist scum. NFL ratings are significantly down. Trump is on pace to be the greatest president of all time. #BoycottNFL.”

Another person explained:

“@TomiLahren Photoshopped Colin Kaepernick into an iconic photograph of WWII, to show him & the world a valuable lesson about kneeling for the flag and the National Anthem! Too many people love & too many people have bled & died for it!”

One person fired off this tweet:

“Nothing pisses off the liberal chattering class more than a beautiful, conservative woman. Let the triggering erupt! Wackos.”

Those weighing in with comments on supported her statement, with one writing: “Kaepernick is an entitled asshat. Nothing wrong with Tomi pointing that out.”

When another commenter pointed out that he has the right to kneel, another person responded,

“Yes, he has a right to peaceful protest. It’s WHERE and WHEN that people object to! How many Americans can go to work, don the uniform for that work, THEN protest while drawing a paycheck and NOT get fired?”

One commenter was definitely impressed with Lahren’s Photoshop skills, writing:

“A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is worth an entire book. It says it all. Great work, Tomi!!!”

Still another person explained:

“Tomi hit it on the head, Kaepernick is so disrespectful to our country! If he has a problem with the way our country is then do something respectful for our country. Get off your knee and stand up for your cause Kaepernick or shut up!”

Another found a silver lining from the protest, writing:

“I think Kaepernick actually did something pretty good. Although I don’t think he intended to. He has helped focus more attention on the military which is a good thing.”

Still another person noted:

“Actually, when you stop to think about it, the ‘K’ has done more to unite America about what it’s all about than to ‘lift’ up those who he wants to make feel they are victims. REAL Americans have chosen the patriots’ side…the others attend and continue to fund the NFL. I’ve found out that there really IS life after pro-football.”