Thousands Came To Hear This Preacher’s Sermon. Then A Woman Stormed The Stage And Pushed Him Off : AWM

Thousands Came To Hear This Preacher’s Sermon. Then A Woman Stormed The Stage And Pushed Him Off

In Brazil, one woman took out her grievances on the popular priest Padre Marcelo Rossi. During a charity mass that was aimed at raising money for those in need, the woman dashed onto the stage and pushed Padre Rossi off of it. The event was live, and there was a video feed going out to thousands of people across Brazil and certain parts of the world.

Thankfully, Padre Rossi was not injured after the attack. He returned to the stage shortly after the incident and resumed the charity mass. He also said that he did not plan to press charges against the woman who shoved him down.

In an article published about the incident, the writer claims that the woman might be mentally ill.

“A woman invaded the altar and pushed Father Marcelo Rossi during a Mass in Cachoeira Paulista this Sunday (July 14). The woman broke through security, stormed the stage during the celebration of Song Nova, and pushed the priest from above the structure. Despite the fall, he was not injured, and the woman was restrained by the Military Police.”

The detailed article goes on to explain that the woman participated in the event, which allowed her to break ranks with the security. She was an insider who decided to rebel again, lash out against the priest.

“At least 50 thousand people participated in the celebration. Despite the fall, the priest returned to the stage minutes later and continued the celebration.”

Not only did the priest want to continue his mission to speak to the people, but he also wanted to continue and forgive the woman who had violently shoved him from the stage. He didn’t want to press charges on her although many people urged the priest to do just that.

The article added that the military police shipped the woman to the Lorena police station nearby. She then gave her testimony as to what happened.

“Police said the woman is 32-years-old and was part of a group that came from Rio de Janeiro for the event. The companions informed the PM that she suffers from mental disorders.”

After the event was done, Father Rossi held a press conference and told everyone that he was not injured.

“I’m fine,” he said. “Rest assured, just a couple of pains. You did not break anything.”

Because the woman seemed to lash out due to a mental disorder, the priest saw it within his heart not to press charges. She did not do that to him because of malice or political or religious opposition. She did it because she was ill. Even though the illness might not have a physical manifestation, it still affects her way of life and makes her unwell in certain situations.

Some people are unsure that it was wise of the priest not to press charges. They did not care that the woman had a disability. However, the popular priest took a much more compassionate approach, which is the reason people love him so.

What do you think about this footage and how the woman pushed the priest from the stage?

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