It wasn’t long ago now when Tim Allen’s popular show was booted from the air. Maybe it was because Tim Allen holds conservative views in liberal Hollywood, or maybe it was because the show wasn’t performing up to the station’s high standards. Either way, the public has spoken, and now Tim Allen has the pleasure to announce this hit sitcom, Last Man Standing will be back for season nine and he “can’t wait to be back with my TV family.”

Although ABC booted Allen from television back in 2017, Last Man Standing has its renewal date set and will be going back to the air with a fanbase just waiting to receive it. Fox picked up the show for its seventh season in September 2018 and now hopes to do it again after the pandemic subsides.

Allen, 66, was very excited to learn that his agent was able to help negotiate the deal to get the show back onto television sets across the country. Allen, who is perhaps most famous for his role in Toy Story, shared an update on Twitter about his show’s revival:

“Talk about Good news Tuesday. Last Man Standing is returning for yet another season! Can’t wait to be with my TV family.”

Right before Allen posted the tweet with the image of himself with antlers, Allen wrote about some “good news” coming from his backroom dealings with Fox adding, “today Fox announced Last Man Standing is on for season 9!!!”

Because Allen was furious when Fox dropped his show Last Man Standing back in 2017, he went on a nation-wide comedy tear and has now proven to the skeptics at the network that he deserves to be on national television just like other actors including Hollywood’s most liberal performers.

Last Man Standing features Allen as Mike Baxter, who is a “macho man” who has to prove that his testosterone levels are higher than his wife’s, who is played by the veteran actress of television. Allen and his TV wife have three daughters, who are played by Kaitlyn Dever, Amanda Fuller, and Molly Ephraim. Compared to the women around him in his household, Mike Baxter seems very macho – but that’s just part of the TV fun.

Last Man Standing faced cancellation three years ago when ABC no longer wanted to broadcast the conservative program. However, Fox picked it up a year later and produced the seventh season in September 2018. Now that Fox has made a lot of money from Allen, they hope to do it again with a ninth season this coming. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made the return of the show unknown since people do not know if they’re able to film or not.

Now that you know Last Man Standing will be back on television for a ninth season, will you be turning in like other fans of Tim Allen? The program remains a very popular one for Tim Allen fans and has attracted a lot of viewers over the years.

Will you watch season nine of Last Man Standing?

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