Toddler Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation After Footage Of Her In Church Goes Viral : AWM

Toddler Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation After Footage Of Her In Church Goes Viral

Children light up our lives for many reasons. Their innocence alone brings us back to our own roots and makes us think about how life really should be. While the things that children say are simply stated, their honesty has a way of shining light on things that may be so convoluted to adults and it peels off the layers that should be there. Years and life experience takes away that innocence and hardens us to the ways of the world, which is why it’s always so nice and uplifting to be in the presence of children. We forget all the hate and confusion in the world when we spend time with babies and toddlers and even school-aged children. They bring us back to basics and make us realize what is really important in life.

Aubrey Hull has it right…she knows exactly what the world needs and that is hugs. The toddler was recently recorded giving away free hugs during a mass at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Purcell, Oklahoma. And let’s just say that she didn’t leave anyone out. For whatever reason, Hull felt compelled to give each and everyone a hug as they walked by her where she was standing on the aisle seat of the pew as churchgoers were making their way down the aisle to receive communion.  One man tried to shake her hand, and she obliged, shaking his hand right back. But, it was followed up with a good old-fashioned hug.

Talk about spreading some love.

The feel-good video was posted and it instantly went viral as it was liked 129,000 times and shared 377,000 times.

Aubrey’s proud mama shared the video and quickly received a lot of loving comments in response to Aubrey’s hugs…

“So sweet, love how the children were hugging her too.”

“Beautiful LOVE in its purity. Bless.”

“She demonstrates the essence of Christ’s message… Love one another.”

This just goes to show you that a simple hug is sometimes all it takes to brighten up someone’s day. Aubrey’s innocence if felt in the way she has absolutely no qualms about giving every single person a hug, regardless of who they are. We can probably all agree that it would be extremely odd to see an adult give out hugs so freely and effortlessly and this is for two reasons. One is that adults are so concerned by what people think of them so they stop themselves from doing something that could be conceived as strange. And also, because adults aren’t as open to giving and receiving this type of love simply because of the years that have hardened them and of course how others have taught them to be cautious of others. In some sense, it is extremely sad that we have to alert one another about being so cautious around other human beings, but it’s the only way to really ensure you are safe.

We could probably all learn a lesson from little Aubrey and let’s hope that she continues to give such loving hugs out.