After getting into a fight with a one-year-old baby’s grandmother on his birthday, the boy’s father decided to act rashly. He grabbed the little boy and then threw him off the balcony. The child fell to the ground from the fifth story and died on impact. Because the child fell about 60 feet and crashed onto the pavement, he had little hope of surviving the deadly drop.

The incident occurred at the baby’s first birthday party. The father of the child has since been arrested. The tragic murder occurred in southwest China in Dazhou, Sichuan.

Little is known about the father of the child except that he has an anger problem and that his surname is Zhang. He was 29-years-old and was arguing about money with the child’s grandmother when he lost his temper and flung the baby out of the window.

According to police, the incident happened near midnight, and the victim’s father has since been arrested and thrown in jail awaiting his trial. Few people are expected to show sympathy for the many who would do that to his own boy over some money issues.

Zhang has already admitted that it was he who threw the boy out the fifth-story window to his death on the pavement below. The incident happened during the boy’s birthday party, which makes it even more tragic and sad.

The grandmother, whose surname is Qin, told reporters alongside her husband that she and her husband were the ones who raised the child. Meanwhile, the boy’s father and daughter-in-law worked, but they never paid any of the bills. It is unclear what they used the money for instead of putting it toward their baby boy’s health and wellness.

The grandmother had fought with her son about his job and how much money he was making. She accused the father of not being man enough to provide for his son, which drove Zhang to the point of blind rage. He became so furious with the grandmother’s accusations and insinuations concerning his manhood that he decided to “prove” his worth by throwing the baby out the window.

Video footage captured at the scene, show the grandparents utterly heartbroken as they cradle the boy’s lifeless body down on the street level.

Qin said, “The baby was crying in my arms, and he (Zhang) said he would take him. I thought he was going to put him to bed. But he took him and threw him out the window. I didn’t have time to react and burst into tears.”

A security guard named Yuan happened to witness much of the horror. He said, “I was standing about 10 meters (32 feet) from my guard booth when I saw something being thrown from above. It landed three to four meters (nine to 13 feet) away from me. At first, I thought it was rubbish but later discovered it was a child – then I screamed.”

Police have charged Zhang with the crime. He also tried to kill himself following the murder of his son. He wanted to jump from the window but was stopped by the child’s grandparents.

Now he must live with what he did to the innocent baby boy.

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